Month: January 2016

What happened to the cube-farm?

If you would have told me in college that at 42 I would be creating and curating a coworking community, I not only would not have believed you, I wouldn’t have known what the heck you were talking about. Like most students, I had a fairly narrow view of career possibilities. That was, until I left my hometown for the “big city” for graduate school. While also working in a corporate interiors firm, I took on research dealing with the future of collaborative work spaces, investigated personal work space needs, and created educational (design studio) environments based on these. My horizons were broadened by this and multiple trips to NeoCON, the international commercial furnishings conference and market.

Excited about the innovations in commercial furnishings, I was disheartened to find that, in the mid-90s, corporate design was still extremely hierarchical and the cube-farm Read more