Month: February 2016

WE are here for YOUR use!

York County is booming with courageous, caring and interesting people who have said goodbye to the 40 hour (or 60 hour) work week for a more family friendly existence, allowing us to work to live not live to work. Many of us have gone rouge and followed our passions to start businesses and explore alternative opportunities but crave the collaboration and creativity that spawns from having a work family. Especially for those of us who thrive on the inspiration and energy of others, working alone can really drain you and cause you to become stagnant.
Consider these questions …

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Why every downtown needs a “student union” …

During my 10 years as a professor, I had a 300 sf office with a lounge chair, sound system and kitchenette with high ceilings and my entire collection of Maroon 5 stalking memorabilia. Yes, office wise, I was living the high-life. But most of the time you would not find me in my cushy digs … I would be camped out in DIGS (short for the DiGiorgio Campus Center), where the action was.    Read more