Month: June 2016

Business in a Bedroom Community

working-in-pajamas2Almost 7 years ago, the Walls Street Journal published a great article about the idea of coworking. Raymound Flandez espoused that those within coworking communities enjoy lower overhead and improved networking. These advantages still hold true today and are even more important to remote workers outside of the urban core. So why are so many mobile and independent professionals in bedroom communities still working in their bedrooms? Read more

Coworking – good for body, mind, and … wallet? The unexpected benefits of membership

Google the phrase “benefits of coworking” and you will get 609,000 links to articles, research, surveys, and other info touting how joining a collaborative business community will enhance your profitability and productivity, create opportunities for collaboration, solve your problems of isolation from potential clients, and help you grow your business.

But rarely do people talk about the financial, physiological, and environmental advantages. Those things that are more immediate and often measurable that improve our quality of life, stress levels, physical health, and familial bonds.

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Coworking ….. it isn’t about the space – or is it?

(A founder’s reflection on opening day of the first coworking community in York County, SC – a suburb of Charlotte, NC)

Within just a couple of years, almost half of our workforce will be entrepreneurs and mobile, freelance or contingent knowledge workers. Coworking communities, numbering over 8000 worldwide, are becoming an expected amenity to the creative class when choosing where to live and engage.

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