Working alone is a drag…

The facts:

…it is hard to stay motivated, and many of us miss the energy and enrichment of an environment full of coworkers. Running your business from your dining room is full of distractions, and crowded coffee shops lack privacy and layout space, have wi-fi glitches, and are ineffective for certain types of work or meetings. The facts are:

  • There are an increasing number of at-home (or coffee shop) workers in York County.
  • The increase of congestion and construction along I-77 will likely prompt more flexible workers to forego the commute and seek alternate arrangements.
  • Residents love the flexibility and time saved in commute but are not reaching full personal and professional potential because of separation from coworkers, lack of enrichment and isolation.


img_20161107_170656The answer:

Coworking spaces are opening around the world at an astounding rate and are thriving in Charlotte. LOOM Coworking is a professional community right here in FORT MILL! It is a hip and positive environment filled with enriching events, like-minded folks, stylish and ergonomic furnishings and the technology and support you need to be successful. LOOM Coworking is a facility created to facilitate a new level of collaboration and professional growth within Fort Mill and York County. The goal was not only to provide a space for innovation and enhanced interactions, but to bring together all types of flex workers into an enjoyable, inspiring, and sustainable community. A community lounge of sorts, LOOM delivers these benefits …. for about the price of a daily large latte and a bagel! 

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The name: 

As a tribute to our area steeped in textile history, this Coworking community, called LOOM, represents a contemporary take on a traditional art form and an effort to weave together the talents in Fort Mill. The community will be a more family-oriented culture that values work/life balance, providing development activities, scheduling and accessibility conducive to that lifestyle.

Stay in contact by coming to upcoming events, getting to know other future members, and letting us know what questions you have!

Tell us what YOU need in a coworking community … Click HERE and HERE to take part in two community development surveys.

First day of coworking is always free so give us a call!