We would love for you to visit but if you can’t, take a look at the Virtual Reality tour of our facility!

Spaces and amenities

  • Flexible and dedicated zones which give choices for collaboration or heads-down time.
  • Award winning, ergonomic and contemporary furnishings.
  • Open Kitchen/Bar/Break space with free coffee and tea
  • Lounge/library space filled with business magazines and inspiring/helpful texts See collection! 
  • Meeting rooms (hours included for full-time and part-time members; available for rent to supporter and virtual members for $15 per hour!)
  • Podcast studio for members and outside rentals
  • “Phone booths” for personal calls
  • Personal storage space options available for full-time members
  • Art gallery highlighting local and student artists
  • Event space for community, educational and arts events
  • Fun display space including member wall, comment boards, chalkboard announcements
  • Free parking
  • Bike storage & Shower
  • Significant outdoor space
  • Larger, more flexible event space



  • Reliable and secure Zipstream 1G internet access
  • Video conferencing
  • AV equipment for checkout
  • Networked printer/copier
  • Online networking platform



  • Reputable business address available
  • Intern/Mentor matching service with local higher ed institutions and FMSD
  • Facilitating help from York County small business development entities


Intangibles and Other Perks

  • Continuing education opportunities based on member interests
  • In-house and out-reaching networking events
  • Discounts at downtown restaurants and retailers
  • Local area services and assistance being brought to you
  • Group philanthropic opportunities and community support
  • Opportunities for inspiration, collaboration, and expert advice
  • Gallery and rentable space will be an asset to the community!