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What is coworking?

Check out our “About/What is Coworking” page on the website. Also, follow us on Twitter and Facebook for frequent articles and information! Hate to read? Check out podcasts and interviews related to LOOM, coworking and Fort Mill!

Who are your members?

Everyone! Seriously … it is a fabulously random mixed bag of professionals! We have small business owners, remote workers for international tech companies, real estate agents, photographers, traveling salespeople, recruiters, travel agents, writers, project managers, CEOs, virtual assistants, trainers, etc. Most are parents so they understand juggling and seeking work/life balance. They are highly diverse but simply share a need to beat the isolation, connect with others, continue to grow professionally and personally, and be part of the success of Fort Mill, York County and South Charlotte. Take a look at the website to see what our members have said about LOOM!

img_20161209_145639What is the culture or “vibe” in the space?

We aim to make LOOM a welcoming, inspiring and friendly community and value openness, curiosity and collaboration; the key factors that drive success.  Our hope is you will naturally make friends, meet people, collaborate, and bring your positive energy and ideas to LOOM creating an innovative and exciting environment. Folks are super helpful and jump in with resources and referrals, both personal and professional. We also have multiple members from the same companies!

img_20161207_151227297_hdrMost of our members have family commitments. They are also very involved in local churches, charities, causes and social groups. For those reasons, many of our programs are focused on work/life balance, health and wellness, and other topics helpful to them and their families. While they want to enjoy their work and be professionally fulfilled, they prioritize family and use coworking as a way to be productive and to provide separation between work life and home life.

LOOM is a community made up of people of varying and ever changing needs. We encourage members to take ownership, becoming invested in the success and enjoyment of the community and its members. Members feel free to move around furniture, suggest events, critique processes, and personalize the space. We love refrigerator magnets, show and tell, and members as guest DJs!

Can I come take a tour and try it out?

For sure! Give us a call or email to come by for coffee, a chat and meet some really great people. Bring your laptop because your first day is always free. We want you to really try it on for size, kick the tires, and all those other clichés!

What types of memberships do you have? How do I find out more?

There are multiple ways to be involved at LOOM. There are full time memberships for those who need dedicated desks and those who prefer to mix things up (called “hot-desking”). This option is great for people who want access to the space and might pop in and out throughout the day. We also have part time plans (8 and 12 days a month) for those who travel a lot, have varying schedules, or who only work part time. Whatever the type, member benefits and amenities are basically the same. The only thing that varies is how often you are here! Check out types on our membership page.

My schedule varies and I don’t know how much I will use the space … how do I handle that?

At LOOM, you have great flexibility and don’t have to make a commitment or tell the future. All memberships are month to month and you can change your membership type (upgrading or downgrading) as your needs change. You can also buy a pack of day passes to use until you get a feel for how frequently you would be around! Special perk …. if you are occasionally in Charlotte or Concord, we are aligned with other coworking communities that will offer you half price day passes!

Hot-desking? What is that? Can I work anywhere I want?

There are multiple types of work environments including high-top tables, training tables, the “hookah lounge”, training tables and desks with ergonomic seating, lounge chairs and sofa, training/war room, casual workshop and many others. Hot desk members can work anywhere within the space except a dedicated desk that has already been assigned. We encourage everyone to work in different places throughout the day & sit by different people each day!

I can’t work at coffee shops because I have to use multiple monitors. How do I deal with that at LOOM?

The dedicated desks we have are meant just for that. As a dedicated desk member, you can bring anything you need to be comfy and productive and not have to schlepp it back and forth. There is also some locked storage available for rent for full-time members on a first-come, first-serve basis and a lot of large monitors scattered throughout for free use by members.

I have a lot of conference calls. Is that a problem?

Absolutely not! LOOM is not a library. Members should feel comfortable making the noise they need to get the work done! You can feel free to have voice/phone conversations in the space at a reasonable level just like in a regular office we just make sure we are on vibrate and use headsets. Our adjacent Studio building is great if you are a pacer or just need more room.

15380459_1853639781537942_4064605463212000009_nIs there a place for me to have a private meeting?

Members and day passers may reserve conference rooms in advance by reserving the times they need online through our member management system. This way, you can be anywhere with a client, check availability, and book a room for a future date. This amenity is included with membership! We have two 6-top meeting rooms, a 4-top (which is a podcast studio), a 2 seat consultation/interview room, and a phone room which serves as a private web call room as well! Need a bigger space? There are multiple large meeting and training spaces for which members are given a significant discount to rent.

Do you have enclosed offices?

We do not … our goal is to bring people together and an open collaborative environment is the best way to do that. Unless your work is highly confidential or consists of continuous client meetings throughout your day, we have found that most people thrive in a more open floor plan and having our multiple private spaces at their disposal when needed.

img_20161207_152226Sometimes I have times that I have to hunker down and concentrate with no interruptions? Can I do that here?

Certainly! There are multiple places at LOOM that are a little more tucked away than others. We also have a two meeting rooms that are used infrequently that you are welcome to reserve. If you need to focus, want to work in the open areas but don’t want to be interrupted, we have balls of yarn that you place on your desk to signal to others you wish to be left alone (“don’t mess with me, I’m on a roll … unless the building is on fire!”). If a person doesn’t have a ball on their desk, it is assumed you can approach anyone and have a conversation. If there is a pressing or unexpected need for a short term use of a speaker phone or an impromptu brainstorm and the meeting room is available, members can jump in as use it any time. We also have a phone room and adjacent flexible Studio building.

How is the Wi-Fi?

Awesome! The space has two methods of Wi-Fi access, one for members and one for guests. There is a fire wall, auto restart if Comporium has a blip, and alerts to on call tech support. In our new expanded space, we are the first commercial facility in downtown Fort Mill to have the 1Gx1G Zipstream Fiber! Woop Woop!

What typical office amenities will I find there? … anything special?

LOOM has a network printer/scanner/copier located in the workspace that is free for your essential use. We have plentiful office supplies, presentation screens and the technology you need to get your work done. Lap desks, floor pillows, rolling marker boards, portable laptop stands and outdoor seating supplement the many varied and ergonomic workspace options.

When are you open? What if nobody is there to let me in?

Member access is from 7:00am-7pm Mon-Fri and 9:00am-3:00pm on Saturdays in the main building and 5am-midnight in the Studio building. Building access is supplied through a phone app so you don’t have to carry a key or key fob.

15385426_1854005888167998_8770193032396432024_oI have random meetings throughout the day. Do I have to pack up every time I leave like at coffee shops?

If you are running out for a meeting, you are welcome to leave your things as they are. Staff is typically present 8am-5pm but if not, the building is secured and only open to members.

Can I have guests visit me in the space?

We love professional guests! Awesome serendipitous opportunities happen that way! Members are welcome to have non-confidential one-on-one meetings with clients in the open lounge, Studio spaces, tabling areas or outside without reserving any sort of space. If a colleague, client or coworker needs to come work alongside you for the day, they can purchase a day passes and come work whenever they need to!


What about lunches, drinks and snacks?

We believe in making yourself at home! LOOM has a kitchen area with a refrigerator and microwave that members can use and members frequently bring food in to share. Coffee is free and the first person in the office is encouraged to make a pot. LOOM is BYOCT … Bring Your Own Cup and Tumbler! We all have our favorite coffee mug and tumbler with your team logo, inspirational message or sarcastic comment. Bring yours, mark it with your name and claim it proudly. If you see someone with a solid generic cup, you know they are a newbie or a visitor and you will know to be super friendly! Dishes, glasses and all the needed kitchen ware is provided. Healthy snacks, sodas and other items are available at cost. There is also a drawer in the bathroom for personal items. Feel free to bring a toiletry bag with essentials in it you might need for a mid-day freshen up.

Being a solopreneur, I feel stale and disconnected? What can LOOM to do help me?

We encourage everyone to try to be around for some of our weekly and special events. Remember, it is much easier to collaborate and make referrals with people you are already comfortable with!

  • On Fridays we typically go out for group lunch at a local restaurant (this is a great day to come visit and get to know folks casually!) and we love it when members pair up throughout the week!
  • Lunch and Learns and other educational and networking events are typically in the middle of the week and we encourage members to suggest topics and even present!
  • Often members invite and accompany each other to off-site events in York County and Charlotte.
  • About once a quarter there is a family game night or party to allow families of members to get to know the community members.

We are committed to providing networking and community events that are brought to our members rather than them having to go find them!   

We also encourage members to share their expertise through submitting blogs, which we distribute broadly, and through supporting them through their use of our event facilities.

Since some people may only be there part time and we all come and go, how do we stay informed?

Members and community managers communicate via the Slack app and are encouraged to reach out frequently to connect and share. Each week, coming events, new members, helpful tips, and other announcements are posted on Slack. Invitations to events are available on Facebook and MeetUp so that you can forward them to your other connections. Members are also encouraged to actively participate via social media networks by sharing articles and other helpful information and events by tagging LOOM on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

What if I don’t need a workspace but I need networking and mail services?

Virtual members may (for an additional cost) receive mail and packages at LOOM. Also, virtual and supporter members receive invitations to members-only events, have access to the online community and other discounts and perks.

What are some of the other perks of membership?

LOOM part-time and full-time members are encouraged to take advantage of the members-only discounts offered from local vendors and service providers. They include:

  • Restaurants
  • Fitness Center
  • Retailers
  • Services like photography, art classes and marketing materials
  • Professional organizations such as the Chamber
  • Apartments
  • Even day care centers!

All you have to do is show your door access app to claim your discount. We have a member who pays half of his membership just through his daycare savings and we all use our restaurant discounts each week! As this is an ever evolving list, you should check the Partners lists on our website!

chamber-1I hear you have an event space? How is that used and who can use it?

Only events that are open and beneficial to our members take place during peak work times in the main building but the majority take place next door. Frequently we host networking, educational and social events that we encourage members to attend. Private and corporate off-site events are allowed after normal business hours or any time in the Studio building. Full time members get one free hour of event space rental per month to use as they wish and these can be rolled over and pooled with other members to host parties, club meetings or other events! The space has flexible furnishings for all types of events and we have a rolling flat screen TV for presentations and sound equipment for parties!

What is all the art I see around the space?

Throughout the year, the Gallery@LOOM will have rotating gallery exhibits in both the event and workspace. These will highlight local and student artist and we will have receptions and pop-up shows. Members are encouraged to be involved with the arts program by attending events, suggesting exhibits, assisting with curating or by submitting work for exhibit. The Studio highlights up and coming artists and student work.

What about parking?

We have plentiful parking on site and there is also adjacent municipal and street parking.