LOOM Member Spotlight – JD Ross

We are proud of our members and how much they have grown, personally and professionally. Unlike many coworking facilities, we consider ourselves a community and love getting to know them, their goals and their passions ….. we think you will too!

Meet JD Ross with Southeastern Freight Lines

  • Tell us about your background, family, education: I am originally from Oklahoma, but grew up in South Carolina. I have been married to Robin for almost 24 years, and we have two kids, Lawson (14) and Harper (10). My undergraduate degree is from the University of South Carolina. I also have an MBA from the University of South Carolina. I grew up playing soccer and tennis and am now involved in martial arts.
  • What is your business and who are your customers? A small team and I have been asked to create a new division of Southeastern Freight Lines that will expand our efforts in the supply chain and logistics markets. My son and I also started a business (Pop Up Dojo) that focuses on working with the special needs community.
  • How did this venture start? The new division of SEFL was started last year when my supervisor asked me to create a business plan. My son and I started Pop Up Dojo over 2 years ago based on a need that was communicated in our local martial arts studio.
  • What do you actually do on a daily basis and why? Since I am still in “startup mode” for the new division, there is a lot of planning, selling, writing, and research to do on a daily basis. We are building the division from scratch. I also host a podcast (Soul Minded Business).
  • What’s your past life? How did skills and background that got you here to where you are? I spent many years coming up through the operations ranks before switching to a sales leadership role over 10 years ago. I have held executive leadership roles in both sales and operations, so the background helps me link several different aspects of business together.
  • What new customers you are targeting or new services being offered? We are targeting customers that have an aspect of logistics and supply chain in this business model. This is very similar to a consulting role in our industry.
  • What are your personal and/or professional goals?  I am by nature a social entrepreneur, and therefore I like to help create and build businesses that have a positive impact on their areas of influence. My personal and professional goal is to continue doing this as long as I am able, and to teach my kids the value of doing the same. Business is a great platform to assist positive change if we leverage it the right way.

“Have you ever been curious about what makes businesses and life successful? We certainly are, and our podcast explores what we find to be the very best practices out there, as well as, just general life lessons. We not only look for what make a business and individual successful, but also, resources that can help our listeners succeed.”

  • Other than your work, what are you most passionate about? I am passionate about family, helping the special needs community, and I also enjoy learning and teaching martial arts.
  • Why did you initially come to LOOM?  I initially went to Loom to have a place out of the office and home to work. We also needed a place to record the podcast.

  • How do you feel you have benefited or grown?  I have grown in many ways over the past few years by putting myself in new environments and situations by taking calculated risks. I still have a long way to go but my faith and experience have grown significantly.
  • Where can we find out more about you on social media and online? LinkedIn is the primary social media outlet that I use but I can also be found on Facebook.
  • What is the best way to contact you? joedonross@gmail.com 

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