Coworking is about Community … and our’s is constantly growing and evolving to include an vast array of members and industries! Take a look at the list below!




Our members describe why they recommend coworking and the LOOM community:

tom metzTom Metz – (church scheduling and planning software): “I truly did not expect coworking to be something that would capture my interest.  I love my quiet and humble home office.  The concept seemed great, but not anything I needed.  And yet, there is something about working at LOOM that makes me feel even more productive than working at home.  Despite it not being as quiet as at home, I find it easier to focus on my work at LOOM office.  Perhaps it is higher quality breaks with human interaction that help me focus more when I’m working.  Maybe it’s a self-imposed expectation that I need to make the best use of my time “at the office”.  Whatever it is, LOOM is more conducive to more creative and more efficient work…at least for me.  The fellow coworkers are great.  The setting is professional, yet relaxed, fun, and interesting.  Networking opportunities are surprisingly high, though not taxing for those that want to just get work done. I’m very thankful for LOOM, and could not imagine coworking being done any better.”

chris jonesChris Jones – Jones Brothers Realty at Keller Williams: I was folding laundry at 10:30 in the morning on a Tuesday and thought, “This has to stop.” I struggled to get work done at the house. As a business owner and entrepreneur, I need to be able to stay focused on my tasks and work on growing my company. However, most days I found myself occupied with the children, television, chores and the day to day rigmarole of working from home. I discovered LOOM and never looked back. Getting out of the house and going “to the office” gives me the intention and direction I need to optimize my work day. No longer does multitasking include emptying the dishwasher. 

ken caputoKen Caputo – Writer, KC Communications LLC: I read about LOOM for a while before deciding to check it out in person. The tour and free day trial quickly convinced me this was the place I simply had to be. I’m trying hard to relaunch my freelance writing biz. Between dogs, grand kids, Netflix distractions and often The Sounds of Silence I looked for a better way to make it happen…. and found it.  More than a space to plop my laptop, LOOM is a community!  LOOM is an alive and evolving place. There is always something going on and it is all wrapped in a supportive and welcoming environment. It’s your office without the politics! Wherever and whenever I can I truly support LOOM and the people that have come to consider it their home base.


Our members tell us what their missions were for joining:

robert jacobsRobert Jacobs, Client Executive at API Healthcare: “Having worked out of my home for a while, we realize it is now better to have a space to work outside the home so I can be productive without my work encroaching on home life. Because I travel and my schedule is flexible, I feel that LOOMoffers the ideal setup for my needs. I was glad to be a founding member because after attending numerous planning meetings and seeing other Coworking places, I believe LOOM and its leadership has a well thought out concept and is truly dedicated to making this a success for all.”


chris hornerChris Horner, VP at Capital Bank, about being a LOOM Supporter Member: “As the old saying goes ‘It takes a village’.  LOOM is an excellent way to connect to neighbors in the community and learn about other local businesses.  It’s also a great resource for people to support one another and expand their network – helping to maintain the ‘human connection’ side in business.” 



vicki kenworthyVicki Kenworthy, Pharmacist and IT Clinical Analyst: I work with a great team of people on the Electronic Health Record for a large hospital system. I have always worked in a hospital or in more recent years the offices of their IT department. Two years ago, I transitioned to a remote worker for the same company when we moved to the Fort Mill area. The challenge is that doesn’t really meet my need for human connections! I really miss the office interaction and often feel a quite lonely in my home office. I’m not a fan of the coffee shops, as there is too much noise, and I don’t feel I have time to wander around for a space to sit or hope for decent Wi-Fi. I get an amazing amount of work done at home, but at the end of the day I discover I barely got up from my desk, and it seems I never ‘leave’ work! I was SO excited about the opportunity to join LOOM, get out of the house, become more connected with my community, and find a better work-home balance!


Check out the rest of our members!

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Brian Falkner




day doschDay Dosch

INSite Business Solutions     



Anthony Franklin




parker ogdenParker Ogden

American Cancer Society



Matt Krasnoff

CBC National Bank



tom ostrowskiTom Ostrowski

Cruise Planners

Joseph Barsanti
Euler Hermes


Anna Schorr

Environmental Business Associates



Brian Johnson

Send Out Cards



scott kolodny

Scott Kolodny
ComMar Sales



Rita Revels

rev Training LLC



Eric KuehnEric Kuehn
Secure Ideas



helen nicholson

Helen Nicholson

Publishing Project Manager



wes deeseWesley Deese

Providential Student Housing



andy crissingerAndy Crissinger




pawan murthyPawan Murthy

Prevedere, Inc.



mic whitehorn-gillamMic Whitehorn-Gillam
Secure Ideas



Stephanie BlombergStephanie Blomberg

InSite Business Solutions              




Virtual Members:
Cris Ogirri – Ayrsley Automotive Group
Clara Watford       
Peak Residential
Metal Man
Solomon Airhart – Aruza Pest Control
Dee Hayman – City Sweets Charlotte
Lindsey Egner – Carolina Power Washing, LLC
Angela Meredith – Dental Implants Unlocked LLC




Nathan Danneman

Data Machines



Charlotte Klaar

Klaar College Consulting



greg beckhamGregory Beckham

ASV Connect LLC



Ronak Bhatt


morgan strong

Morgan Strong

Offsourcing, Inc




William J. Bantz

The Transformative Connection



Marc Pitre

Right Here Interactive



Seth Zamek

Senior Helpers



Nathan Dana Headshot

Nathan Dana



Tim Knol

The Mayoros Agency



kelly macalusoKelly Macaluso

Eye Spy Carolina Home Inspection



paul davisNathanael Davis

Paul Davis Solutions       



jason gillamJason Gillam

Secure Ideas


michael metzgerMike Metzger
Point Management Group
rob kowalskiRobert Kowalski