Mission and Vision

LOOM formed using these principles:

  • Community and Collaboration
  • Openness and Flexibility
  • Creativity and Culture
  • Localism and Sustainability
  • Accessibility and Diversity

Mission and Vision:

  • To create a coworking community that encourages professional growth and success, networking, idea sharing, and talent development, while serving as a resource to members and beyond.
  • To have an active, creative and sustainable community of mobile workers, consultants, freelance artists, entrepreneurs, and small businesses, working in a shared environment for the purposes of collaboration, innovation and productivity for themselves and the greater York County community.
  • To bring together a range of creative, technical, academic, for profit and non-profit businesses, creating new possibilities for synergies and partnerships.
  • To keep money in York County, harness the assets of local academic institutions, encourage work/life balance and empower community members in order to support the continued economic success of the area.

See why our members joined!

Want to know more about the origins of LOOM, our goals for Fort Mill economic development, and our vision for the community? Click here for access to a wealth of information!