Student Coworking … What is that about?


If you did, you heard about the innovative things being done to help young students this fall and as well as the parental concerns for virtual and hybrid  students’ academic and mental health.


They need support too!

5 tips for studying at home: Study Advice: Advice: parents of a rising 11th grader, we understand that surviving remote learning is a challenge, even for those students that are self-motivated and old enough to do classwork themselves. We also have friends who are recent empty nesters whose college kids have returned home due to virtual courses in the fall. For these young adults, sharing workspace and bandwidth with siblings and parents within the home results in:

      • Interruptions of live virtual class times
      • Distractions from learning
      • Poor time management
      • Physical fitness and sleep issues
      • Depression and family tension
      • A decrease in social skills
      • … and so much more

You may also have heard them mention “LOOM Coworking for Students” during the board meeting (see 1:05 on live stream).  Completely serendipitously, these experts tapped into something we at LOOM Coworking are already developing!

There are so many students whose final years of school are being disrupted by the pandemic. In order to support their (and your) goals, we are creating a young adult coworking community (16 and up) specifically meant to assist in their academic, professional and mental success. Providing your student with a professional, ergonomic and supportive environment is a great way to help prepare them for the expectations of college and beyond … and maybe even create some peace at home!

How do I find out more? 

First, take a look at some FAQs below. Then, give us a call at 803-548-5666 or email … we would love to get your input, answer your questions and see what we can do to help your budding professional!



Whether student or professional, what is coworking? 

Coworking is a facility and a community created to support the productivity, success and happiness of independent workers. Think of a student union on a college campus. This is where you go when:

      • your roommate is distracting
      • the internet in the dorm is choppy
      • you keep falling asleep trying to study
      • you want to find ways to get involved and the resources needed to succeed
      • the equipment you need for class  is too expensive to own yourself 
      • you need to have a meeting with a classmate 
      • you just need to avoid isolation and connect

As remote professionals, we deal with the same issues. That is where coworking comes in! Find out more about “adult” coworking!  

Where would my young adult be working? 

We are all set to utilize about 750 SF of our Studios@LOOM building (adjacent to LOOM Coworking and a half block off Main St in downtown Fort Mill) as a flexible student coworking environment. Furniture is flexible, professional and comfortable.

Who is eligible for student coworking membership? 

Rising Juniors, Rising Seniors and College Students. Younger student memberships will not be offered due to the professional use of adjacent facilities.

Is membership a one-size-fits-all solution? 

Absolutely not! Once everything is nailed down with the school board and we get parental feedback, plans will be solidified. Just like LOOM Coworking, there will be multiple flexible monthly full-time, part-time and drop-in options.

What will be done to keep my child healthy and safe in this space? 

      • Just like within our coworking facility, work areas and all common spaces will be sanitized twice daily
      • Spaces are planned to give plenty of space between workstations and separation from the professional coworking community
      • Our member management system provides an easy way for students to self-book while guaranteeing no more than a certain number of people in the space at a time to ensure social distancing.
      • We provide building access via a door access app so that only those who are approved to enter have access.

I know coworking isn’t just about a workspace … what other amenities will be included? 

      • Fast, reliable and secure wi-fi
      • Plentiful outlets and extra monitors
      • Fridge for brown-bagging it
      • Printing, snacks and sodas available at cost
      • Parking and and walkable lunch options
      • …. And much more

What can my student work on there?

Just about anything! The spaces are perfect for independent work and teaming. They can do their Zoom classes on the available flat screen. They can even work on art projects!

What if my student needs assistance from a tutor or counselor? – Many tutors are hesitant to go into student’s homes and many public facilities formerly used for tutoring are not available any more. We will provide options so that these sessions can take place in a supportive, safe environment. We can even utilize our network to help find assistance if needed.

I hate that my student is missing out on all the career development opportunities at school. Can LOOM help with that? – Actually, yes because that is a passion of ours! We have members who are professional college and career counselors that offer a wide variety of services including individual coaching as well as workshops on application essay writing, college planning, career assessment and financial aid. We also have a former college professor who can sit down with your child to discuss the realities of higher education and assist in connecting him or her with professional shadowing opportunities. Between our professional coworking members and our greater business network, the possibilities are endless! We also have workshops on various personal and business topics throughout the year that are open to both you and your student.

This is great for my student, but what can LOOM provide to make a parent’s work life better during this crazy time? In addition to the many membership plans we have always had and an environment full of other working parents who “get it”, we have recently created not only a new remote coworking membership but also a couples membership. This is a creative way of giving both tag-teaming professional parents the shared coworking benefits.

How do I find out more? Give us a call at 803-548-5666 or email … we would love to get your feedback, answer your questions and see what we can do to help your budding professional!


What is “adult” coworking and how can it help remote professionals? Find out!