What our members say!

Coworking is about Community … and ours is constantly evolving to include an vast array of members and industries! 

Our members describe why they recommend coworking and the LOOM community:

I help companies develop effective leaders and productive staff, so the LOOM Studios is the perfect spot for me to engage with leaders seeking to change the corporate culture, to have leadership coaching, and wellness sessions.  If I need to have a retreat for companies or a group of individuals, they have spacious and versatile meeting rooms equipped with microphones, television screens, and sound systems.  When my home office is too noisy, I’ve taught synchronous graduate level courses at a top ten university at the LOOM Studios.  Why would I pay for a single office space that doesn’t allow the versatility and flexibility of space or camaraderie? Kimberly Wilson
We love being a part of the LOOM Community. Great meeting spaces, wonderful opportunity to meet other business people and even attend lunch and learns! Join us! Rebecca Rhodes – ILD
Perfect coworking space for working remotely – lots of open space, great desks and furniture, very friendly staff and community. Calvin Ke
I love having workspace at LOOM. It allows me to enjoy working around other people – not at home alone or with kiddos running around! We held a staff development day at the Event Space in LOOM and everyone enjoyed the meeting space, artwork and the helpful staff. Having whiteboards and TVs with cords at the ready to hook up to computers was so helpful. A sweet spot in Fort Mill for sure! Carrie Williams

As the old saying goes ‘It takes a village’.  LOOM is an excellent way to connect to neighbors in the community and learn about other local businesses.  It’s also a great resource for people to support one another and expand their network – helping to maintain the ‘human connection’ side in business.  Chris Horner – Banking, Cybersecurity, Penetration Testing


I have been a member at LOOM for the past two (2) years. LOOM has been a great community for me to be a part of, and has provided a professional environment for me to be able to separate work from my home life. I recommend that you take the time to visit and see what a powerful community exists for yourself! Brian Smith – Commercial Real Estate Advisor

Love this space, love the flexibility, love the staff!!  Kimberly Trimberger

Some locals use LOOM as needed for drop in coworking and meeting room use. Here is what some have said …. 

This place as everything you could want in a coworking space. Meeting space, private phone booths, quiet work area, open area, outdoor space for nice days. Very friendly owner/operators and fast internet. Why spend all day in a loud, crowded coffee shop with slow insecure internet when you can spend the same as a couple cups of coffee (their included coffee is good too) and have so much more? – Matt Curtis

A dynamic interactive space perfect for remote workers and event space. – Carol Green

Definitely fun and hip. Environment is very inviting plus I love the Local art. I would highly recommend this place if you work remotely. – Suzanne Rego

The Loom offers a great service for beginning entrepreneurs or those business owners who work alone from home. There’s nothing like a supportive atmosphere and a group of like-minded people with whom to share ideas, resources, and experiences. – Larry Stevens

Loom has a great space for just you and your laptop but it also has plenty of space to hold a company meeting. Great environment and workplace! – Cramer Pest Control

Wonderful place to park during the work day. Whether you need to meet with clients, need quiet time to focus away from the office or your home based business, LOOM is an excellent option. – Eye Spy Carolina Home Inspections