Mission and Managers

LOOM formed using these principles:

  • Community and Collaboration
  • Openness and Flexibility
  • Creativity and Culture
  • Localism and Sustainability
  • Accessibility and Diversity

Mission and Vision:

  • To create a coworking community that encourages professional growth and success, networking, idea sharing, and talent development, while serving as a resource to members and beyond. 
  • To have an active, creative and sustainable community of mobile workers, consultants, freelance artists, entrepreneurs, and small businesses, working in a shared environment for the purposes of collaboration, innovation and productivity for themselves and the greater York County community.
  • To bring together a range of creative, technical, academic, for profit and non-profit businesses, creating new possibilities for synergies and partnerships.
  • To keep money in York County, harness the assets of local academic institutions, encourage work/life balance and empower community members in order to support the continued economic success of the area.


Where did the name LOOM come from?

As a tribute to our area steeped in textile history, this coworking community, called LOOM, represents a contemporary take on a traditional art form and an effort to weave together the talents, skills and passions of independent professionals in Fort Mill. The community has a family-oriented culture that values work/life balance and works to facilitating the productivity to support that lifestyle. We also believe that gathering a variety of people together with various background can make a strong and beautiful foundation for our community, much like yarns make up fabric.

Connect with us by coming to upcoming events, getting to know other members, and letting us know what questions you have!

Jen Belk – Owner and Programming Coordinator   

With 20 years practicing corporate interior design and teaching in higher ed (Winthrop Univ and The Art Institute), Jen’s interests include collaborative work environments, community engagement, sustainability, work styles, branding, and design psychology. She has presented nationally and internationally on topics such as community partnerships and service learning, social media and harnessing community assets, career exploration, and personal/professional creativity. Years of working closely with various organizations has given her passions for career and civic engagement, successful program development, helping people assimilate to new environments and challenges, and bringing out the best in potential leaders.  Learn more about Jen’s professional background

jbb headshot 2016a

Michael Belk – LOOM Operations Manager

Michael serves as Operations Manager and jack-of-all-trades for LOOM Coworking. He brings more than 25 years of experience in project management, commercial construction, and corporate real estate to the table. Michael maintains oversight in every area of a project, provides excellent value, great solutions to project issues and options for savings. He is reliable, trustworthy, a good communicator. He is also highly knowledgeable about the process required to get the job done on time and within budget while maintaining a high level of integrity … and humor! Personally, Michael is first a Christian, husband and dad, and he enjoys any time he spends with his family. Learn more about Michael’s professional background

Sherilyn Taylor – Assistant Community Manager

Sherilyn is a Southern California native with a background in office administration, professional organizing, wardrobe styling, merchandising, interior styling and event planning. Her love of design, fashion and organization is expressed through visual and administrative ability to increase aesthetics, efficiency and profitability within homes & businesses. Learn more about Sherilyn’s professional background

At LOOM, each member is considered an integral part of our community. Alongside these staff members, they take ownership of the space and provide the intangible benefits that make coworking a perfect solution for independent workers.