LOOM Coworking includes a substantial exhibit spaces for nationally/internationally shown local artisans called GALLERY@LOOM and spaces for up-and-coming and student artists called the Studios@LOOM. Artists receive a great deal of exposure by coworkers and event rentals. The exhibits are free and open (by appointment) Mon-Fri 9am-4pm and during community events.

Join us each quarter for the artist’s reception and open house to meet these talented individuals and find out how LOOM has gotten involved in the local arts community. Stay on top of these events on our Facebook events page! We are proud to have 15 former and current artists chosen over the years to be part of the Charlotte ArtPop Street Gallery Program!
May – Sept 2024 Exhibit:
Amanda Foshag
Suzi Pittman Tompkins

Amanda Foshag is a weaver and fine artist whose current work focus is drawing, mixed media collage, fibers, weaving, and sculpture. She is an ArtPop alum and currently is part of the Alleys as Galleries presented by the Arts Council of York County. She has been adjunct faculty at Gaston College, York Technical College, and Winthrop University. 

Her exhibit, Souvenirs, is a body of work that uses collage, fibers, drawing and painting to express and pass through memories, moments, people, and places she has experienced and observed. The purpose of her work is to lead the viewer to connections to traverse their own recollections, moments, and stories. Creating human connections to one’s past and the present moment.

In the Studios@LOOM, you can also view the whimsical works of local artist Suzi PittmanTompkins.

Jan – April 2024 Exhibit:
Sandy Palasti
Jessica Calloway

Contemporary artist Sandy Palasti was born and raised in South Orange, New Jersey. Sandy pursued a career in surgery and practiced Pediatric ENT in Charlotte, NC for 14 years. When she retired at 45 years of age, Sandy began a series of creative explorations, finally finding her truest expression in creating abstract paintings.

Self taught, Sandy applies an almost scientific approach to her art, experimenting in acrylics, inks, pastels, and oils to create abstract florals, figures, and landscapes. Sandy’s bold and unexpected use of color evokes memory and emotion while her gestural strokes add movement and vitality to her work.

In the Studios@LOOM, quarterly rotations include varied works from local artist and educator Jessica Calloway and an exhibit of photography from the Town of Fort Mill 150th Anniversary competition.

Sept – Dec 2023 Exhibit:
Jayne Anderson
Jenn Garrison

Jayn Anderson is a North Carolina based abstract painter. She spent her childhood on the East Coast before moving to England to study. During her years there, Jayn was afforded many opportunities to travel internationally. These deeply meaningful experiences continue to shape the work that Jayn creates today. Jayn embraces the inherent chaos of life, thriving in ever-changing environments. Her work mirrors this spontaneity and energy in every mark that she paints. Jayn has a fiercely independent spirit, with an empathetic, old soul. She uses music as a vessel to channel her experiences and the emotions they evoke into her artwork. She prefers not to think about what she’s creating but instead letting intuition and automation be her guide. 

In the Studios@LOOM, quarterly rotations include varied works from printmaking works from Jenn Garrison and an exhibit of abstract painting from India Hook Elementary, led by artist and teacher Stacey Walden.
June – Sept 2023 Exhibit:
Linda Warner

Established in 2020 in Charlotte North Carolina. Johnson Wildman Gallery of Contemporary Art offers the artwork of the two local artists; Cheryl Johnson and Jim Wildman, reaching from North Carolina throughout the Southeast and nationally to present an exciting variety of art works in a broad range of styles and mediums: realism, portraiture, impressionism, abstraction.

Cheryl Johnson is a painter who explores the connection between realism and abstraction, balancing bold gestural art with sensitive expression. Her work is inspired by world travels as well as the landscape and cultures of her homes in North Carolina, Hawaii and her Idaho birthplace as well as her Finnish heritage. Jim Wildman creates watercolor, tea, pen, and ink drawings of beautiful faces, abstract and landscape oil paintings. His specialty is LaserArt. His works reflect his ability to create deepening mixtures of overlapping colors and shapes that entice the viewer.

In the Studios@LOOM, quarterly rotation highlights the works of Linda Warner.

March – June 2023 Exhibit:
Joyce A. Vukela-Mayer
Carla Nathan

As a modern-day alchemist, Joyce A. Vukela-Mayer is passionate about experimenting with steel, paint, and acids, to evoke chemical reactions which transform steel into a new creation. She calls the abstract art she creates “reactive paintings on steel”. As opposed to capturing beauty in nature by attempting to replicate it, this technique allows her to capture beauty through nature.

Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Joyce took classes at the Carnegie Museum of Art, received a BS in Chemical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University, was a manager for IBM, and was President of JVM Homes of Lake Norman. Engineering which requires finding solutions to previously unsolved problems was instrumental in developing creativity; homebuilding developed the ability to mesh both the aesthetic and practical; while chemistry is used when reacting paints and acids with my steel canvases.
In the Studios@LOOM, quarterly rotations include works from Carla Nathan, Ernesto Hernandez and Jamie Shook.


Winter 2022-2023 Exhibits: A quarterly rotation of works from …

Abstract Fabulous: A group of six women who specialize in abstract art. The group is like a family, meeting together semi-regular at each other’s homes for not only friendship, but the shared love of the creative process. Their roster includes regionally and nationally recognized artists with all different backgrounds, who come together to form the group. Along with at-home gatherings, the artists do field trips together to meet with other artists and the group has begun organizing other exhibitions throughout the Carolinas.

The attention for abstract art has been growing in recent years, and the group loves to see how the art world is growing and transitioning. “Abstract or contemporary art challenges the viewers mind and draws one into it with color, texture, contrast, mark-making and interest.“

In the Studios@LOOM, quarterly rotations include works from S. Dot James and Jasmine Mykaela (Winter 2023), Maizie Clark and Evelyn Knighten (Fall 2022), a juried show from Winthrop BFA graduates (Summer 2022), Sonder Yen (Spring 2022), Ernesto Hernandez and Jamie Shook.


Oct – Dec 2021 Exhibit:

Kevin Marion
Cat Babbie

Kevin Marion believes Art and Architecture to be synonymous. Architecture is an act of “Contextual Expressionism” that ultimately creates “Habitable Sculpture”. An architect should do everything possible to design in response to the visual, cultural and historical context of a project while congruently applying maximum passion in making the project aesthetically pleasing from a far and harmoniously beautiful, comfortable and safe from within. The finished result should be an attractive and thoughtful piece of art ideal for living, playing, working, exhibiting, worshipping or any other function it is intended to serve. Beyond, and occasionally within his architecture, he  experiments with visual fine arts. He enjoys working with pencil, pen & ink, pastels, painting, photography, digital media, wall murals of glass and porcelain tile and various forms of sculpture.

Additional exhibits in the Studio building include the fiber works of our spotlight artist Cat Babbie, Jamie Shook and Jennifer Papageorge.


July – Sept 2021 Exhibit:

Caroline Rust
Christina Cobb

Described as a painter’s painter, artist Caroline Rust creates intriguing surface assemblages with textiles enriched through the use of expressionistic color. In a synthesis of emotion and intellect, her works of art use garments as a foundation. Rust earned a BFA in Painting from East Carolina University in 1993 and an MFA in Painting from Winthrop University in 1997. Her award-winning works of art are procured by private and corporate collectors and featured in juried group and one-person exhibitions annually.  It was while Rust was an artist-in-residence at McColl Center for Art + Innovation in 2015 that she began using garments as low-relief grounds for paintings. Committed to art and community, Rust has served on the board of the Women’s Art Initiative in Rock Hill, SC since 2017 and has been a member of the National Association of Women Artists of New York, NY since 2010.

Additional exhibits in the Studio building include the abstract works of our spotlight artist Christina Cobb


March – June 2021 Exhibit:

Mary Zio
Rebecca Ethier

Mary Zio describes herself as an abstract expressionist. Working in an non-objective style, she uses color, form, and movement as her subject matter. She enjoys inviting the viewer to engage with her artwork by means of their initial reactions and feelings, to draw their own ideas of the artwork’s interpretation. Mary received a Bachelors of Fine Art from Purchase College. While attending school, she studied and worked under a two year apprenticeship with world renowned artist, Bruce Bleach, in New Rochelle, N.Y. She has displayed and sold artworks in various galleries, museums and shops in New York and North Carolina. Mary founded and her my own art gallery in Ocean Isle Beach, where she displayed and sold her own artwork, along with forty other artist’s artwork. Mary has participated in the 2020 ‘UP-AND-COMING Charlotte Artists’ art show at Shain Gallery, exhibited in the invitation only Greenhill Winter Art Show, was chosen as a 2021 Charlotte ArtPop Street artist, and became an Art House Charlotte Gallery artist. 

Additional exhibits in the Studio building include the abstract works of our spotlight artist Rebecca Ethier, works from the 2021 student Strawberry Festival Competition, local live music photographer Darlene Cunnup, and art educator Jessica Calloway.


Nov 2020 – Feb 2021 Exhibit:

Shaun Cassidy
Marisa Fields-Williams

Shaun Cassidy was born in Carshalton, England in 1966. He studied sculpture at Norwich School of Art, Norfolk, UK, receiving a BA (HONS) in 1988. In 1988 Cassidy worked as a studio assistant for British sculptor Sir Anthony Caro. In 1991 Cassidy finished his graduate studies in sculpture at the University of Alberta, Canada. Cassidy’s sculpture has been exhibited extensively throughout the U.S.  He has exhibited at Socrates Sculpture Park, NY, Franconia Sculpture Park, MN, Forum for Contemporary Art in Saint Louis, the Columbia Museum of Art, SC, and at the DeCordova Museum, MA. In 1995 Cassidy exhibited five large- scale sculptures at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Marseilles, France. He has been awarded residencies at over ten venues including The McDowell Colony, NH, Djerassi Resident Artists Program, CA, McColl Center for Visual Arts, NC, and Sculpture Space, NY. His work has been reviewed and featured in Art in America, New Art Examiner, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. Currently Cassidy is a Professor of Sculpture at Winthrop University, Rock Hill, SC. In 2006 Cassidy was named Kinard Teaching Professor of the Year at Winthrop University. At the Galler@LOOM, you will have the opportunity to view two collections of his 2D works!

Additional exhibits in the Studio building include recent Winthrop photography graduate Marisa Fields-Williams, local live music photographer Darlene Cunnup, and art educator Jessica Calloway.


June – Nov 2020 Exhibit:

Michael Patterson
Michael Patterson
Jessica Calloway

Michael Patterson has lived in Charlotte, NC since 1993.  He graduated with a BFA in Photography and Painting from Louisiana Tech University in 1980. The past years have become a prolific creative period after construction of his studio in 2014.  The studio setting provided traction and a haven for experimentation. Collectively texture, movement, tension, and color allow a fluidity towards the indefinable feeling when a composition feels finished. Paint.  It is straightforward with a unique smell. It’s quiet. Dry. With a cold character. I often paint with my hands giving me an ability to blend groups of colors with depth and volume or ever so thinly. Compounded color provides texture in the 2D world I live in professionally as a painter and video editor. I intend for my paintings to become enrichments in my own journey toward appreciation of the arts. I wish for an individual to connect with a painting that provokes and maintains the initial reaction when first viewed. But mostly I want you to appreciate the process so your investment will continue to be endeared.

Additional exhibits in the Studio building by Darlene Cunnup, Jessica Calloway as well as student work from  Winthrop University Union of Student Artists.


Feb – June 2020 Exhibit: 

Melissa Herriott
Darlene Cunnup

Melissa Herriott’s exhibit at LOOM Coworking is an eclectic mix of her two favorite mediums… acrylic and ink. Her paintings celebrate her love for nature, travel, and adventure. They are all, in their own way, inspired by the elements. Melissa  is a former exhibitor in the Studio Building. This exhibit celebrates her development  and broadening of exposure over the last couple of years. LOOM is proud of the advancement of all our featured artists! Melissa’s work can be found all over Charlotte and beyond. She works one-on-one with clients to create custom commission pieces.

Additional exhibits in the Studio building by Darlene Cunnup, Jessica Calloway as well as student work from Catawba Ridge High School.


Nov 2019 – Feb 2020 Exhibit: 

Foozhan Kashkooli
Tina Ruark-Baker

Foozhan Kashkooli is a multidisciplinary artist who employs colors, forms, and shapes to create large scale abstract paintings and site-specific environmental installations. Kashkooli received her M.F.A. degree from Winthrop University and her B.A. from Queens University of Charlotte.   As an artist, she has worked with many different mediums such as metal sculpture, intaglio, film and digital photography, painting, and installation. Her inspiration for her work comes from music, nature and the evocation of memories.  Foozhan is currently working and living in Charlotte North Carolina.

Additional exhibits in the Studio building by Tina Ruark-Baker, as well as student work from Catawba Ridge and Fort Mill High School


Sept 2019 – Nov 2019 Exhibit: 

Jonay Di Ragno

Jonay Di Ragno expresses everyday life subtleties through the act of painting.  Extending out of the abstract expressionism  movement, his work speaks of the human experience (such as pleasure, tension, and gratitude).  Di Ragno respects and welcomes the sensorial effects entailed in painting, so his colorful formations result from the integration of inspiration, light play, and the material condition of paint—tint, texture, smell.  His work often elicits movement, inviting wonder in the viewer. A mainly self-taught painter, Di Ragno received art schooling at the Escuela de Artes Plasticas in San Juan, PR (2000-2004).  He enjoys learning about art history.  His work is influenced by that of Gorky, De Kooning, Vicente, Picasso, Rothko and CY Tombly but mostly painting with his own brush. Reach out to Jonay via his Website, Facebook or Instagram. 

Additional exhibits in the Studio building by Tina Ruark-Baker, as well as student work from Catawba Ridge and Fort Mill High School


May 2019 – Aug 2019 Exhibit: 

Tina Alberni
Jean Cauthen
Molly Partyka

For Spring-Summer 2019, The Gallery@LOOM highlights two artists who have been greatly influenced by their international travels and heritage. – Tina Alberni’s bilingual and bicultural upbringing weaves into the fabric of her art. She is of Cuban heritage, lived in Bogotá, Colombia and returned to the United States in her late teens. Alberni has been practicing as an artist, administrator and teacher in the visual arts field since the early 1990’s. Throughout Alberni’s work you will find a spectrum of medium and techniques where she fuses materials to join narratives, and uses geometry, color and symbolism to give order to her work. – Jean Cauthen grew up in Naples, Italy, New Orleans and the Carolinas and currently works in the Charlotte area. During her time in Moscow, Jean Cauthen designed theater sets for a  NC production of “Dark of the Moon.”   She has recently been granted month-long residencies in Paris, Ireland and Italy where her paintings are in private collections. Her work is distinctive for its vivid but complex color relationships and joie de vivre.  Beneath the color lies references to past artists, eras and movements, adding layers of meaning to her illuminated colors.

Additional exhibits in the Studio building by Molly Partyka, as well as Sydney Welch and Marianna Balcerzak of FM High School.


Jan 2019 – April 2019 Exhibit:

Terry Thirion
Melissa Herriott

Terry Thirion produces her work in her studio in Charlotte or creates works on the edge of the Laurel River in Hot Springs, NC. She grew up in Belgium among farmlands and spent a lot of time at building worksites since her father was a master stone carver. Exposed to sculpting and gothic art from an early age and these influences are reflected in her shapes and forms. “I attempt to convey our relatedness as human/spiritual beings to all living things. I want to transport the viewer into my worlds and hope to evoke an emotional response.”

Additional exhibit in the Studio building by Kathryn Waller, Melissa Herriott, and FM High School.


Oct 2018 – Jan 2019 Exhibit:

Lenore Demori
Kathryn Waller

Leonor Demori was born in Caracas, Venezuela and currently lives in Charlotte, NC. Before moving to Charlotte, she lived in Caracas and in Washington DC. She received her Bachelor in Fine Arts degree from Winthrop University, and also holds a BA in Business and a Masters degree in Business Administration (MBA). After several years of a successful career in international finance, Leonor decided to pursue another profession in the arts, converging her passion for both areas. In her studio she has defied a new process of photography-based dynamic painting, creating rich, geometrical compositions.

Exhibits in the Studio building include Kathryn Waller and FM High School.


June 2018 – Sept 2018 Exhibit:

Sharon Dowell

Sharon Dowell is a painter with a focus on works on canvas, murals and large public art including three CATS Transit projects and several as part of the Talking Walls projects in Charlotte. She has held residencies worldwide and is involved in many local arts and charity organizations. Sharon believes in removing the intimidation factor from art that so many people in our society experience. Art in public spaces becomes embedded in one’s sub-conscious, a part of daily life that one embraces without contemplation. She feels it is important for her work to serve as a vehicle to give back and shape communities for the better.

Exhibits in the Studio building include Kathryn Waller and FM High School.


Mar 2018 – June 2018 Exhibit:

“On The Side”

This exhibit (in the Gallery as well as adjacent spaces) was the product of local practicing architects and designers Kevin Marion, Becca Bellamy and John Komisin. Their primary discipline, their bread and butter, lies in the applied arts, while their heart and inspiration lives in these pieces they have created On The Side.

The difference between applied art and fine art is purpose. Applied art is tailored for functionality, or in other words, the design meets a practical purpose; its used for something. While, on the other hand, fine art may solely be for aesthetic, visual purposes.

Our adjacent Studio building displayed architectural photography from local FMHS students.


Dec 2017 – Mar 2018 Exhibit:

Eric Demski
Devon Ford

Eric Demski‘s paintings feature divine, accidental and unexpected connections. They combine unrelated aspects leading to surprising analogies. By applying abstraction, he creates intense personal moments masterfully created by means of rules and omissions, acceptance and refusal, luring the viewer round and round, in circles.

Our adjacent Studio building featured the works of up-and-coming realistic portrait artist, Devon Ford, and photographer, Aaron Daines.


Sept 2017- Dec 2017 Exhibit:

In the spring of 2017, Baxter Mill Archive and Springs Creative announced the acquisition of the internationally known Ilene Danchig Studio, Documentary Textiles Archive which features more than 100,000 unique pieces which merged with existing Archive, a collection of more than 400,000 fabric swatches, antique documents and books and hand-painted artwork from around the world. Baxter Mill Archive is now one of richest and most diverse textile archives in history.

Our adjacent Studio building highlighted the photography show “Summer Sizzle” from Winthrop University CVPA students.


June 2017 – Aug 2017 Exhibit:

Monique Luck
Melanie Schroepfer

This exhibit celebrated the works of award winning international artist & muralist, Monique Luck. Soulful figures textured with emotion emerge, revealing colorful, lyrical stories moving fluidly across canvas. Luck models the features of figures and natural forms using fragments of found paper. The Painted Rhyme Series is inspired by the poetry of Wilbur Proctor, Luck’s late Grandfather.

Also on display are works in the coworking lounge by Jessica Calloway and Melanie Schroepfer. In the Studios@LOOM, our new expanded facility, works were on view from multi-media local artist, Roxi Tolbert.


March 2017- May 2017 Exhibit:

Dylan Bannister

Juried works of 2007-2016 Winthrop University College of Visual and Performing Arts graduates

Artists included: Rebecca Jacobs, McHale Kuhlkin-Hornsby,

Dylan Bannister, Jacob Olsen, Greyson Smith,

Joanna Henry, Emily Furr, Alexis Lorraine Howard,

Pam Winegard.


Dec 2016 – Feb 2017 Exhibit:

Marge Moody

GALLERY@LOOM proudly launched our new location with a breathtaking exhibit of new abstract acrylic paintings from internationally shown artist, Marge Loudon Moody.

Since graduating from Art College in Scotland in 1972, Marge Loudon Moody has continued to develop her work in painting, drawing, collage and mixed-media. She describes her work broadly as being landscape-based. Her work varies in size from very small drawings and paintings to large works. Marge has been a Professor of Fine Arts at Winthrop University since 1988, and completed a residency at McColl Center for Visual Art in Charlotte, NC, and at OBRAS – Portugal in 2015. She has exhibited her work in Great Britain, Washington D.C., New York, winning a one-person juried show there in 2015 (FRONT Art Space in Tribeca), and in various galleries in the southeastern US. Her work is part of many private and corporate collections including the South Carolina State Art Collection, the Medical University of SC Collection, Williams and Fudge and the Winthrop University Collection.


Sept 2016 – Dec 2016 Exhibit

Brian Bojanowski

Our Fall 2016 exhibit was a juried K-12 York County Public School Art Teachers Exhibit shown as a thank you for all the work that they do.

As part of this exhibit, we compiled a video from local high school and college students describing why they love and have been effected by their art teachers.

View student video!

LOOM received the ACYC grant for our York County K-12 Public Art Teacher Exhibit in August! Support for this project is provided by the Arts Council of York County Small Grants Program, the John & Susan Bennett Memorial Arts Fund of the Coastal Community Foundation of SC, & the SC Arts Commission, which received funding from the National Endowment for the Arts. Thank you ACYC for your support and encouragement!!!  

June 2016 – Sept 2016 Exhibit

Jessica Calloway
Julia Grace Belk

Our first three exhibits (June/July 2016) were meant to highlight community and student artists. Exhibitions included:

  • Abstract work from Isabel Brown, FMHS Senior, and Jessica Calloway, FMHS Art Teacher, as well as other student works
  • Juried work from the Winthrop Union of Student Artists.
  • “Textures of Fort Mill” – Juried photography from local professional and amateur photographers including close proximity photography from the downtown core of historic Fort Mill.

Julia Grace BelkAlso check out the ongoing work on exhibit by local student artist and assistant Gallery Director, Julia Grace Belk.

LOOM is excited to bring you ways, both physically and digitally, to experience the works of our great local and student artists. Visit here frequently for calls for entries for our rotating exhibits within our space and on our site.

Take a look at local links for arts and culture throughout our area and look to our events page for specific suggested arts and innovation events in York County and beyond!