LOOM Coworking includes a substantial exhibit spaces for nationally shown local artisans called GALLERY@LOOM and spaces for up-and-coming and student artists called the Studios@LOOM. Artists receive a great deal of exposure by coworkers and event rentals.

Call for an appointment or visit during community events. Preview the Gallery space via our virtual tour! Join us each quarter for the artist’s reception and open house to meet these talented individuals and find out how LOOM has gotten involved in the local arts community.

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Mary Zio
Mary Zio
Shaun Cassidy

Michael Patterson
Michael Patterson
Melissa Herriott
Foozhan Kashkooli

Jonay DiRagno
Tina Alberni
Jean Cauthen
Terry Thirion

Lenore Demori
Sharon Dowell
“On the Side”
Eric Demski

Baxter Mill Archive
Monique Luck
Winthrop Grad Exhibit
Marge Moody

YC Art Educator Exhibit