Business in a Bedroom Community

Business in a Bedroom Community

working-in-pajamas2Almost 7 years ago, the Walls Street Journal published a great article about the idea of coworking. Raymound Flandez espoused that those within coworking communities enjoy lower overhead and improved networking. These advantages still hold true today and are even more important to remote workers outside of the urban core. So why are so many mobile and independent professionals in bedroom communities still working in their bedrooms?

From the beginning, coworking arrangements have allowed members (tenants) to share space, office equipment, utilities and technology without having the overhead, headache and long-term commitment of a lease. Internationally, entrepreneurs save hundreds of dollars a month by not occupying a dedicated office and appear more well established by not working out of their homes. In addition, having the ability to work with people in diverse but often allied industries opens up an array of networking and collaboration opportunities, professionally and socially.

“The coworking environment presents an opportunity to tap into the collective expertise of the group and create business deals with other business owners, who are just a cubicle away…. It is a better alternative to working from home. It’s a more professional place for clients to visit, and a businesslike environment in which to make calls and conduct meetings.”

Clearly, with 8,000 communities worldwide, coworking isn’t a new concept …

it has just taken a while for suburbia to catch up.


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