Coworking – good for body, mind, and … wallet? The unexpected benefits of membership

Google the phrase “benefits of coworking” and you will get 609,000 links to articles, research, surveys, and other info touting how joining a collaborative business community will enhance your profitability and productivity, create opportunities for collaboration, solve your problems of isolation from potential clients, and help you grow your business.

But rarely do people talk about the financial, physiological, and environmental advantages. Those things that are more immediate and often measurable that improve our quality of life, stress levels, physical health, and familial bonds.

Consider these two very different professionals and what they experienced:

Christie is a copywriter and publisher’s assistant. She has been working from home since her children were born. Recently she learned about a new community in her suburban town that supports professionals like her and decided to give it a try… and she loved it!

Since joining a coworking community, Christie has:

  • Lost the weight she gained from the constant temptation to snack and irregular eating habits of working at home
  • Reclaimed her home office as a craft room, giving her a creative outlet and some “me time”
  • Claimed her membership cost as a business expense on her annual taxes
  • Curbed her back pain due to the ergonomic seating at the office, something she could not afford at home
  • Regained her work/life balance, separating her work from her personal time, and enhancing the quality of the time spent with her family.

working from homeJoe is a Broker who is based in Uptown Charlotte but lives in a bedroom community. Recently, his employer began allowing employees to work remotely three days per week. Knowing he didn’t have an appropriate space to work from home, he decided to investigate the new coworking community down the block… and he is sure glad he did!

Since joining a coworking community, Joe has:

  • Saved $60 each month in gas, not to mention parking fees
  • Been able to take the hour and a half he saves on commuting and spend it working out at the community gym right down the block
  • Become much more relaxed by avoiding the drama and politics of the office
  • Attended his oldest child’s archery tournament at lunch last Friday, something he wouldn’t have been able to drive back and forth to in the past
  • Saved $200 last month in childcare costs, since his two youngest children are attending their neighborhood early childhood development center, which happens to be one of many Community Benefit Partners of his Coworking location.

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It is simple. All mobile and independent professional need to find a way to use your time more wisely (and the way they choose to), have an emotionally and physically supportive work environment, and reap the financial benefits of investing their time and money locally.

Coworking is a perfect answer!