How I Have Benefited from Coworking

People come to coworking for various reasons. I came because our two-bedroom house was too small for my work, my wife’s schooling, and the schooling for my 4 and 2-year-old children. One day, after several months in each other’s hair, we realized there wasn’t room.

I called up LOOM Coworking and started that day.

I did not think that a simple choice such as renting a coworking space could change my business for the positive, but it did. I have learned more about my business, I have found new clients, and I have been able to connect with the local community.

Learning More About My Business

When you are a freelancer, telecommuter or other work at home individual, you are often stuck in an echo chamber. I know I was. I had my several streams of income (tutoring, outsourced blogging, and non-profit marketing), and was not able to see a way out of that.

When I came to LOOM, I found myself listening to coworkers using the space and being listened to in turn. I was able to help out multiple people with their work and businesses and even found a client who needed my services.

New Clients

For a service and networking business, there are many advantages in being in a coworking environment. My favorite advantage is the fact that I am around people who I would never interact with when I am writing content online from the comfort of my home. The internet is global, and that makes it hard to interact with local people. LOOM coworking introduced me to local business organizations and local businesses. This has provided me with multiple opportunities to add value to people who need help with their kid’s learning (I am a tutor), with their own content writing aspirations, and with their marketing plans.

Whether you actually close new clients or just add value to the world around you, coworking provides great opportunities for networking.

Plugging into Community

I am from rural southern Idaho, and my wife and I moved to the Charlotte area a year ago. I wanted to expand my business network here locally but was unable to do so because all my time was spent writing to try and catch up from the cost of moving.

Coworking provided multiple opportunities to network with other business people in the area, as well as attend local events, without taking time out of my busy day. Rather than thinking about how I needed to add events to my schedule, I am now able to just plan on saying hello to someone in my office each day.

Not only that, but when I do go out to networking events, I usually find people who I have already met through the coworking office.

If you need referrals and word of mouth to increase your business, or just need a place to do focused work, why don’t you give coworking a try?



paul davisPaul Davis is a local entrepreneur who specializes in web content, business coaching, and high school tutoring. He has worked with local businesses and students for the last year since moving here from Idaho in August of 2015.

If you want more information on content marketing, come check out his blog, The Writer’s Cue.