I don’t work for paper.li … but I totally would! (easy, free content marketing)

Want to become a thought leader in your industry? 
(and have someone else do the legwork in finding great content?)

I really love using paper.li … with a really quick setup of keywords or sites you want to pull up, you get a daily, auto curated newspaper that:

Page is professional looking and totally adaptable! … AND FREE!

– pulls together relevant content you can then share with others … every day!
– it will post automatically to twitter for you, tagging 3 of your content sources, thanking them and getting you more industry followers (set “if, then” program to repost to other platforms)
– you can add specific content sources for the paper to pull from, like industry magazines and YOUR OWN blog posts!
– can be identifiable as your company or as generic as you like
– you can edit (in about 30 seconds) to remove anything you don’t think is relevant
– you can have a bookmark button so it takes one click to add a particular article or source to your next edition!


Today’s “LOOMapalooza” paper ….https://paper.li/LOOMCoworking/1466430548#/

Curate a paper with content your CLIENTS would like (not just what people in your industry would) so when you share, your clients (who will follow you!) get valuable content!

I don’t work for paper.li but I totally would!

Check it out and let me know how you do!