Instructions for the Day of your Event *

As discussed in the Pre-Event videos or meeting, a folder will be left for you to help with your event. 

Please follow this link to the Day of Event instructions. Print these and bring them with you as they will answer any of your questions regarding door access, technology, etc. They include:

      • Day of instructions for building access

      • Information regarding technology within the space

      • Contract reminders regarding caring for the facility, décor, etc.

      • A “wrap-up checklist” with cleanup & closeout instructions

      • Reminders about locations of supplies 

Please review this information before the start of your event with anyone assisting or helping. The checklist must be completed and signed after your event and left in the folder. In addition to the items above, the folder will include:

      • If applicable, detailed instructions on how to reset the room AFTER your event which may include a floor plan, photographs and/or written instructions

On the day of your event you should:

      • Ensure the cell phone being used for door access is charged and ready for entry via VizPin

      • Have a copy of your DAY OF EVENT instructions

      • Get help from friends, family or guests to ensure you can set up and wrap up within your allotted time

      • Review event folder and checklist and, once items are complete, sign and leave for us

      • HAVE AN AMAZING EVENT and take lots of pictures!

IF YOU ARE ONLY USING A SMALL MEETING ROOM (rather than an event space) please utilize THIS set of DAY OF EVENT instructions.

We want to thank you again for bringing your business to LOOM! Wishing you all the best for your event and hope that you will allow us to help with any future functions.