Is coworking a game changer independent workers?

I recently read an article, “Coworking— a game changer in office space” and thought it addressed a lot of the questions people have about coworking. Personally, I feel the community and educational amenities (lunch and learns, collaboration and consultation opportunities, etc.) are the foundation of coworking. This explains that as well as some of the more economical aspects.

DSC_1203Here are some of the most relevant sound bites:

• “Only 50% of the coworking business is the space, the other 50% is the community,”
• “Coworking is like the Uber of office space. You only pay for what you use for as long as you need the space.”
• As a coworking space operator, we assume the real estate risks. But we derisk the real estate holding costs for the users (members)
• “I started Collective Works because I saw isolation being one of the major challenges of small businesses and found a way of fixing it,”
• “I knew I wasn’t alone. I kept meeting people … who are entrepreneurs, but they weren’t quite prepared to make that jump from a home office to a proper office space as the risk was huge, especially if they had other financial commitments — for instance, children and a mortgage.”
• “Coworking is ideal for small high-growth companies like ours,” says Vasu. “We want to focus on growing our business and not managing an office.”
• “We chose coworking because we think that in the future, everybody will work in such spaces,”
• Murphy likens coworking to a gym membership. “In the future, a coworking membership will be like a gym membership…It will make life a lot easier and will definitely be the workplace of the future.”
• “It definitely opens up a new market segment, … where the government is encouraging entrepreneurship.”
• “There’s a misconception that coworking is only for start-ups,”

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By Cecilia Chow / The Edge Property | April 8, 2016

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