LOOM Coworking Member Spotlight – Avi Sohner

We are proud of our members and how much they have grown, personally and professionally. Unlike many coworking facilities, we consider ourselves a community and love getting to know them, their goals and their passions ….. we think you will too!

Meet Avi Sohner of Keys and Cords Studio

  • Tell us about your background, family, education: My name is Avianna Sohner from Charlotte, NC.  I am recently married and have a cat.  I graduated Winthrop University with a degree in secondary music education for voice and piano.  I went back to Winthrop to pursue a graduate degree in choral conducting.  I was a choir director for a number of years and now am interested in growing a music studio for individual music lessons here at LOOM.
  • What is your business and who are your customers? My business name is The Keys and Cords Studio.  I instruct voice and piano lessons for ages 8 and up.  The levels I teach are beginner to early advanced.  Typically, my students are intermediate students of the middle and high school grade level. Check out a video of one here!
  • How did this venture start? I started out teaching two or three lessons a week at the Playroom Academy of Music in 2012.  Over the next few years, I was able to grow the studio to about 30 students per week by 2015.  In 2017, the Playroom Academy closed and I started The Keys and Cords Studio at LOOM Coworking.
  • What do you actually do on a daily basis and why? I teach 30 minute lessons, averaging between 5 and 8 lessons per day.  Occasionally I will teach hour lessons if a student is experienced enough or is taking both piano and voice lessons.  Billing is on a four week cycle and the students/parents and I typically communicate through email and texting.  I send out weekly reminders including anything from scheduling updates/billing reminders to upcoming studio events.  
  • What’s your past life? How did skills and background that got you here to where you are? I have studied music ever since I can remember, starting with piano lessons in 2nd grade.  I was in the marching band in middle school and chorus in high school.  I was a choir director assistant in college and grad school at Grace Lutheran Church near Winthrop University.  I also taught my first piano lessons through the Winthrop Piano Academy.  Once I graduated with a master’s in choral conducting, I took a choir director position at Mt. Holly Methodist church where I remained for six years.
  • What new customers you are targeting or new services being offered?  I would love to connect with the homeschooling communities in Rock hill and Fort Mill.  I have many open time slots for lessons in the early afternoon that school kids cannot take.  We are also now offering studio-only events so the younger, less experienced students can practice performing in front of their peers. Check out Spencer rock this tune!

  • What are your personal and/or professional goals? Obviously, I would love to reach a personal goal of 28 students, but I would also love to see my current students reach new levels and approach their music learning in new ways.  It is really exciting to see a voice student who never had an interest in piano when they were younger, take it up and learn how to play and sing at the same time.
  • Other than your work, what are you most passionate about? I have recently gotten into traveling with my husband over the past year or so.  We have new goals to see a one or two new countries/cities each year.  I have about four friends who are getting married all over this year and we both look forward to visiting each new place.  I also enjoy cooking, reading, working out, and playing with my sweet cat!
  • Why did you initially come to LOOM? I heard about LOOM through Jen Belk when her daughter began taking lessons with me at The Playroom Academy.  She was only my student for about a couple weeks before I found out about the studio closing.  She came to me and offered a great setup to start my own studio here at LOOM. I was very excited about the new venture and she has been a great help along the way!  See LOOM’s small meeting room options
  • How do you feel you have benefited or grown? I have learned the best ways to communicate with each parent and make sure they are getting what they need out of lessons, as well as making sure the students have fun.  I definitely feel a closer connection to the clients since I am running the business on my own and communicating with everyone directly.
  • Where can we find out more about you on social media and online? You can find me on Facebook at The Keys and Cords studio or check out my website at keysandcords.com
  • What is the best way to contact you? You may call or text me 803-448-1485.  My email is keysandcords@gmail.com.

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