We are incredibly proud of all of our LOOM Coworking members and love seeing their growth, personally and professionally. Learn more about Bill Ferguson.

Who is Bill Ferguson? Originally from Boston, my wife and I moved to the Charlotte area in 2019 right before the pandemic. We eventually settled in Fort Mill where we are raising our 2 kids, ages 3 and almost 2.

Tell us about your educational background? I have a BA Economics & Finance from Boston College, MBA from MIT.

Describe your company and who are your customers? Well is an AI-enabled digital health company providing a range of employee wellness and care navigation solutions to large employers. Founded in 2019 when our founders spun out from Aetna. We target large employers with 10,000 + employees.

What do you do on a daily basis? As the Director of Finance, my responsibilities range from budgeting and forecasting to reporting and investor relations, depending on the time of the month/year. When I’m not in a virtual meeting, the bulk of my time is typically spent working in excel on financial planning and analysis, including maintaining our rolling forecast and building various other financial models.

What are your personal and/or professional goals? Whether it’s at Well (which I hope is the case) or a different tech company, I hope to play an integral part in achieving a successful exit that delivers meaningful returns to investors, either through M&A or a public offering. Personally, I’m focused on raising a family, growing in my faith and staying healthy. 

How did your skills and background get you to where you are today? Since high school, I knew I wanted to be at the intersection of business and technology after helping to run my school store and building the website. In college I majored in economics and finance with a minor in computer science. As a collegiate athlete (football), I learned how to manage my time and prioritize, as well as how to deal with adversity. I began my career as an investment banker focused on tech companies, and it was there that I learned how to master excel and build financial models. I then spent a number of years in private equity and venture capital investing in tech companies before going back to school to get my MBA. 

Other than work, what are you most passionate about? When I’m not working my kids keep me busy, so I enjoy spending time with them whether it’s going to a park or our neighborhood pool. I’m also passionate about my faith, breweries and sports. I enjoy watching motorcycle racing, college football and the Boston Celtics.

Why did you initially come to LOOM? My company is based in Chapel Hill so while I travel there once a month, I have been largely remote. With 2 young kids, the home environment can sometimes be distracting so I was seeking a place to work outside the home 2-3 days per week where I could be more productive.

What is the best way to connect with you? I’m not very active on social media but the best place would be LinkedIn or by email