Member Spotlight – Ed Bracey

We are incredibly proud of all of our LOOM Coworking members and love seeing all of their growth, personally and professionally. Learn more about ED BRACEY who is the CEO of Synergy of Empowered Women and see how he is committed to women achieving their highest level of success! He is also Director of Operations at The Citadel African American Alumni Association.

What’s your bio?

I am a Native of Camden, SC.  Grew up in Rock Hill, SC.  My Dad was Postmaster for Sharon, SC and my Mom was a lifelong Cosmetologist/Entrepreneur. After graduating from Rock Hill High School, (I was Student Council President and Commander of the Air Force Junior ROTC unit) I was awarded my choice of two 4-year academic scholarships. I chose the Marine Corps Scholarship to The Citadel.  I lettered in Martial Arts, sang in Chapel Choir and graduated in May of 1978.  39 of my classmates became Second Lieutenants and reported for duty to Quantico, Virginia.  I served in Japan, the Philippines, Guam, Hawaii, California and the Washington DC area.  I was married for 22 years, now divorced, had a son who we lost to cancer in 2009 (he was 20 years old). In 2014 I relocated from Orlando to Rock Hill to be caregiver for my Dad.

Fun facts….I ride rocket bikes (those fast motorcycles that you can lean into a curve with)…I led worship in 2 churches in Orlando. I was fortunate to sing background for 3 Grammy winners.  Each leader I sang behind taught me another aspect of worship and music.  I love to cook.  Been cooking and running a household since my Mother turned it over to me at age 13 (my younger brother experienced the same….I love UFC and football.  Living in Florida I followed every team on television on the weekends…….my favorite professional team is the Raiders….been a fan since I was 8 years old!!!  I love cycling, but have not been faithful to is as I was in Florida.  Each year I ride to bring awareness to the fight against Youth Cancer. Last year I rode 63 miles (guess why) and this year I am riding 100 miles.  We begin in September!

What is your company and who are your customers?

Synergy of Empowered Women is a nonprofit organization for Donors, Advocates and Volunteers who are Totally Committed to Women Achieving Their Highest level of Success.  I have a 30+ year history of Business Development (running other peoples’ businesses) and I observed how my Mother ran her business successfully.  Those two factors inspired me to focus on giving Women Entrepreneurs the advice, coaching and counseling they needed for success.  We are TOTALLY virtual and have been since Day One.  I coach internationally.  From Finland to New Zealand we connect with Women and provide insight and experience.  We have Female Coaches of diverse disciplines who are battle tested and able to coach others through the mine fields of business.

How did your company, organization, or venture start? Synergy started on a phone call with my friend Ellen who lived in California.  I called to wish her a Happy Valentines Day and during our conversation she mentioned that she had an inner drive she wanted to share…..immediately, she had my attention!  She said men have a network to call for advice, jobs, support and anything they needed….and she felt women needed the same.  She said women support each other, but not from the career perspective, so I asked what would you call this network…..she had no clue…so I asked, you are looking to empower women, right?  And once they are empowered, there will be a subsequent synergy, right?  Why not call it Synergy of Empowered Women? After the name came, she took over the website and I took over the social media campaign.  Within a year we had over 1000 followers and we are currently over 7000 followers over our four platforms.

What do you do on a daily basis and why? I answer emails, phone calls, WhatsApp, Zoom and Skype calls.  I go to bed around 1AM because I get West Coast and overseas calls late at night. I do attend meetings in the Carolina’s, Florida and California for exclusive clients who request dedicated attention.

What’s your past life? How did skills and background that got you here to where you are?

I am a certified Nonprofit Consultant trained to assist entrepreneurs to form their own nonprofits.  I am a certified Business Analyst dissecting profit/loss, cash flow, annual statements for business.  I am also a certified Executive Coach.  My last position was National Advertising Sales Manager for AAA Headquarters in Lake Mary Florida. My sales team sold advertising for the AAA Road Atlas, Camp Books, Tour Books and We had 22 sales people producing about 70 million dollar of revenue for AAA, which is a nonprofit organization.  Our revenue paid our salaries, commissions and bonuses.  The revenue was shared with the Headquarters staff who received bonuses based on our activity.  I understand production and achievement from results

What are some new customers you are targeting and new services being offered?

We are seeking Women who truly need counsel and coaching.  As a nonprofit, there is no charge to them.  I used my 401K and pension to fund us for many years, but now we have a professional fund raiser to assist our efforts to connect with more women in need.

What are your personal and professional goals?

To continue to do the heart felt work of assisting women in financial independence by have their own money earned through entrepreneurship.

Other than your work, what are you most passionate about? Self care… meditation…..retreats……….technology

Why did you initially come to LOOM? Heard about LOOM during their Beef O’Brady’s days…..I attended several sessions then and have been a fan ever since.

How do you feel you have benefited or grown at LOOM? I have done several podcast interviews at LOOM which have gone out to our connectors worldwide, from Fort Mill to Finland. I plan several more, including a future worldwide event to showcase our amazing women entrepreneurs.

What do you want to make sure to cover before we close? The current atmosphere demands creativity.  I believe Women have the opportunity to save our world by applying their heart centered work and their own money.

Where can we find out more about you on social media and online?





What is the best way to contact you?

Call 407.580.2727 or Email