We are incredibly proud of all of our LOOM Coworking members and love seeing their growth, personally and professionally. Learn more about Scott TenBroeck.

Who is Scott TenBroeck? Raised by wolves in the suburbs of Orange Park, Florida.  Five minutes to the river to visit alligators and manatees, and 30 minutes to the ocean to attempt surfing. I am the first entrepreneur in my family of educators. I graduated from University of North Florida with a Bachelor’s degree in public policy.  I have a Masters of Health Administration degree from Pfeiffer University.  I also received a specialty degree in Nursing Home Administration from University of Wisconsin – Madison. I have been living in the Charlotte area for twenty years now.

Describe your company and who are your customers?  Elder Options is a consulting and advocacy company for older adults, their families, and organizations/companies.   For families, we locate and implement resources for seniors –  housing, care, doctors, insurance, powers of attorney, estate organization and anything else seniors need to feel less overwhelmed as they transition through life.   For organizations we provide consulting to help their employees find options for their families to avoid time off.   Finally, we advise senior housing investors and lenders on regulator compliance to keep their investment prosperous.   

How did your company start?  My grandparents were my inspiration.  They lived alone and became victims of fraud from solicitors and people they trusted.   I started as a county investigator for complaints and moved into senior housing administration.   Each location only offered general care.  All of them were missing the personal relationship combined with the fiscal responsibility to help each person find options outside the typical structure.   Hence, Elder Options was created 12 years ago.

Other than your work, what else should we know about you?   I’m an avid swimmer.   I train with the Charlotte Masters Swim team and have swum the 6-mile Charleston Open Water Splash for the last 3 years. I’m currently training for Bosphorus Continental Crossing/Asian to Europe.

How have you benefited from coworking?  I’m always inspired by entrepreneurs.   I realize it is not for everyone, but, for those that try, like the members of LOOM, life has more opportunities.

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