Thank you for joining us! *

We are so glad to have you and we are excited to get to know you better.

We want you to get oriented and plugged in! To do that, take a peek at the items and links below:

We have 4 things we would like you to review prior to your first day. Don’t worry about printing and signing. We will have you sign the member acknowledgement on your first official day.

      1. Member Terms and Conditions (the legal stuff)
      2. Member Manual (the “how stuff really works around here”)
      3. Manual Cheat Sheet (cause we know people aren’t stoked about reading stuff)

Please download the door access app, Vizpin Smart. We will take care of your door access whenever you have it downloaded, so you must do this the day prior to needing your first access. See instructions and Location ID on back page of your Member Manual and your new member welcome email.

We use SLACK for all our in house communications about new amenities, crucial access announcements and events. Please click here to join as it is also a great place to ask for recommendations, get referrals, ask advice, etc! (Logistics, New Members, and Events are the most important “channels” to join). Without this app, you won’t be able to take full advantage of your membership! 

You should have received (or will be receiving) an email from our member management system called Cobot. Complete your profile and questions on Cobot ….this will help others get to know the real you.  HERE are instructions that give a tour of Cobot, including how to make meeting room reservations and check in. Review and let us know if you have questions!



Community Benefit Partners are local business owners who support our members while reaping the benefits of the increased foot traffic and brand marketing done by our staff. These partners offer helpful and creative discounts to our members for goods and services in the downtown and greater Fort Mill area.  Cick here for a list of your discounts!


Lastly, if you would, please send us:

  • a picture for the member wall and eblasts (or I can steal your linkedin one or something)
  • a link to your website or linkedin profile for the eblasts
  • a copy of your logo for the company wall

Thanks again and let us know if you have any questions. We’ll  do the “behind the scenes” tour so you will feel at home and take ownership of the space!

We look forward to having you as part of our community!