What is Coworking?

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Our most commonly asked question is “What is coworking?” and we don’t blame you. Coworking is a relatively new concept. However, especially with the current economic changes, it is growing at an astronomical pace. Members around the world have discovered that working remotely or being an entrepreneur doesn’t have to be lonely! 

Put simply, Coworking is a group of people from different jobs, companies, and backgrounds, all coming together to work together. We call it an office with all the perks but without the drama! There is so much more to being part of this type of community than simply office space. By coworking you: 

  • are in an environment full of others with drive and motivation leading to your own increase in productivity
  • establish a sense of community that you don’t get working from a home office
  • are able to network with others, establishing connections that can be mutually beneficial.
  • can reach out to others to bounce ideas around, brainstorm, or just take a moment to talk about something other than work
  • create more work/life balance by establishing a start and end to your day and creating a division between work you and family you

Beyond motivation and networking opportunities, coworking can also have financial benefits for you and your employer such as:

  • Unlike an office lease, coworking is membership based (like a gym) where members have the needed resources, equipment and technology.
  • For startups and growing companies, coworking rather than having a traditional office lease can keep overhead (and risk) down and while still providing an impressive space to host clients and support your team.
  • Having a professional space allows you to serve types of clients and do kinds of work you can’t do in a coffee shop, leading to increases in revenue. 
  • Utilizing public spaces also leads to security, connectivity, and productivity issues which affect your bottom line.

No matter the kind of work you are doing or the way you like to do it, coworking can give you great benefits that you don’t get working from home or out of a coffee shop. Even the US Chamber of Commerce is touting the advantages of coworking for entrepreneurs, independent workers and remote teams!  

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