LOOM Coworking Member Spotlight – Alec Conrad


We are proud of our members and how much they have grown, personally and professionally. Unlike many coworking facilities, we consider ourselves a community and love getting to know them, their goals and their passions ….. we think you will too!

Meet Alec Edward Francis Conrad with The Conrad Advantage


  • Intro – Bio, family, where are you from? education/sports? I grew up in Twinsburg, Ohio and went to Kent State University for both my undergraduate and graduate studies, where I hold a BA in International Marketing and my MBA in Behavioral Economics. I busted my butt to graduate early (with honors!) and then realized that the job market was weak in Cleveland at the time, so I packed my bags and moved to Charlotte NC in January of 2011. Never looked back!
  • Intro – Your company and who are your customers? — After 6 years of working in the residential and commercial audio video industries, I recently ventured out on my own in the real estate industry, and our team of 4 loan officers is a top-producing group at Rapid Mortgage Company. We offer competitive interest rates and unparalleled service in a world of call centers and automation. We work closely with first time home buyers and we spend much of our time educating the industry on how to better serve our active duty and military veteran clients.
  • How did your company, organization or venture start? — I got sick of making (literally) millions of dollars for people who were already rich. I saw the success that comes from the real estate if you can hustle, and I dove in head first. As a relatively new lender in this industry, I work hard to come from contribution and am often teaching classes on social media marketing or doing 1:1 sessions to show my referral partners how to market more effectively.
  • What do you actually do on a daily basis and why? — Most of my day is prospecting. I am huge on social media marketing, and I probably spend 4-6 hours a day on the phone with referral partners and clients. I generate about 1200 home-buyer leads a month on social media, and invite them into my Facebook group that I manage with other industry professionals. We foster a sense of community and learning, and we try our best to let our customers to come to us when they are ready.
  • What’s your past life? How did skills and background that got you here to where you are? — I am a nerd and love numbers. My past life was heavy in business intelligence and finance. My breakthrough was when I helped one of my previous employers sell the company to private equity firm. Once I put on my LinkedIn profile “experience with mergers and acquisitions”, I started getting calls every week with international companies who grew through acquisitions. That led to a financially rewarding career, but the travel and physical/mental toll of a high stress position was not worth it for me. I was also traveling quite a bit when my son was very young, and I decided to make a change and be home more. Being numbers driven, I am great at goal setting and business planning, and I try my best to grow my business along with my referral partner and become an integral part of their business.
  • What are your personal and/or professional goals? — I want to help more veterans get into homes! I come from a military heavy family (although I am not a veteran myself) and I could not believe it when I read that active duty service members and military veterans are majorly under served in this industry. Realtors often will shy away from offers made from veterans because of a misconception that VA loans are more-risky, and it’s a major issue. I have taken it upon myself to educate the industry and have even gone as far as to create my own referral group of VA-loan educated professionals who will support and give back to the veteran community. We are hoping to launch in May of this year 😊
  • Other than your work, what are you most passionate about? — I have a four-year-old son Cooper and three dogs that keep me on my toes! We are ALWAYS doing something active and then following it up with some really great, home cooked food. I post a lot of our meals on social media and people are often shocked to see a four-year-old eating the foods that we do. I am a big foodie and think cooking is fun and can be a great release after a busy day. Health and Wellness is a big part of my life and I try to incorporate small, health-conscious decisions into my life as much as possible.
  • Why did you initially come to LOOM? — I actually already have an office in Ballantyne! But that Ballantyne traffic is awful. I like the flexibility that comes with LOOM, as well as the ability to book a conference room if I am bringing someone into the office. The “1 hour per month and stacks up to 3” rule for being able to book the big rooms like the Studio and Gallery are awesome and saves me almost the entire cost of my membership. At $200/month for a ‘hot desk’, it’s a no brainer.
  • How do you feel you have benefited or grown at LOOM? Any anecdotes? — In the real estate industry, it’s common to meet at a coffee shop. That is nice and all, but it’s even better to bring a referral partner to your office and be able to hunker down in a conference room for two hours. Plus, the WIFI is fast and easy to connect to, and sometimes when you are doing a live demo or hosting a webinar at a coffee shop, the signal can drop and it’s a poor experience for all.
  • Where can we find out more about you on social media and online? — you can join our Charlotte Home Insider Facebook group you can connect with me on Facebook 
  • What is the best way to contact you? Call or text 980.505.9729 – send me an email AlecConrad@TheConradAdvantage.com – know anyone who is looking to buy a new home? I would be happy to speak with them!

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