What’s so different about remote working in the suburbs?

Seriously!?! Out here in the suburbs!?!

Let us tell you why it works in Fort Mill.

Charlotte is one of the fastest growing cities in America. Entrepreneurship is on the rise and the startup ecosystem is thriving. Big cities understand the needs of the modern professional and do all they can to meet those needs.

If you are reading this, there is at least a 40% chance that you are a remote, at-home or mobile worker. Odds are, even though you love the flexibility and lack of commute, you are probably less productive and successful due to the isolation and distractions of working at home or at coffee shops, not to mention the lack of supportive technology and facilities.

One of the ways cities help is by providing alternative work environments called coworking communities for business people who would normally be working from home, bouncing from coffee shop to coffee shop, or paying entirely too much on an inflexible office lease. There are over 20,000 of these communities worldwide and fifteen in the heart of Charlotte. They are an amazing resource for urban professionals who need interaction, inspiration and opportunity.

So, what about the burbs? Why are all the entrepreneurial events, helpful resources, technology and innovation in Uptown (and a BEAR to get to)???

Hordes of business people young and old have escaped to the land of lower taxes, better schools, affordable living, fresh air, and family amenities. Communities within south Charlotte and York County (not to mention Lancaster, Union and Chester!) are being flooded with professionals and their families who want it all: business success of a metropolis paired with the lifestyle amenities and pace of a small town. They want to be part of something bigger than themselves, help the economy of the community where they actually live, and reap the benefits and support of like-minded professionals (and customers!).

Right here in historic downtown Fort Mill is a business community specifically designed to meet the needs of professionals in our community.  LOOM Coworking provides some of the benefits to and amenities for the Remote and Indy worker that you might not expect to get from a typical coworking community … much less in Fort Mill!

Anyone familiar with coworking has an idea of what to expect –  free coffee, a place to land to work for the day, fast and reliable wi-fi, outlets you don’t have to fight for, etc. Some have closed offices, some have ping-pong, and some host all night hack-a-thons. LOOM Coworking, Gallery and Event space is a bit different than what you might find in the city, so we wanted to share some of the special perks that LOOM community members benefit from!

  1. Relevant interactions with other professionals:
  • Being surrounded by like-minded people: If you haven’t noticed, the average professional in Fort Mill is older (average 38yo) and more established, is more likely to be married and has more children (+30% of residents are under 18yo) than communities in Charlotte. Because of this, it can be difficult to relate to the young whipper-snappers in typical hip work environments and coworking communities. Although our space is contemporary and fun, it is filled with professionals who have a lot of the same work-life balance goals that you do. Even though the space is available after-hours, it is very rare you will see anyone working after 5pm because they prioritize family time. You always have someone to grab lunch with that “gets you” and is more likely to have contacts and experiences helpful to you and your professional life!
  • Free teaming spaces for groups of remote workers: Are your colleagues spread out nationally or just all-around metro Charlotte? Whatever the case, meeting and training in public spaces or our houses isn’t conducive to productivity and renting day spaces when can get very expensive. Here at LOOM, any group of 3 or more full-time workers can reserve one of our “War rooms” for remote worker teaming, making us a great central hub for your scattered colleagues.
  1. Facilities that advance your image:
  • Free use of conference rooms: All this technology means businesses must work harder to develop trust and close working relationships with clients. Variously outfitted meeting rooms lend professionalism and confidentiality to your practice …. hence the many members who are recruiters, therapists and coaches!
  • Free podcasting studio: More and more of our business success relies on reaching the masses. These amenities help you target current and prospective clients, near and far.
  • Free use of helpful technology: Overhead can be high for small businesses when you must keep current with technology. Not only do we have crazy fast 1 gig, crazy fast and secure wi-fi, printers, shredders, scanners, etc., we also have all the teleconferencing and video equipment you need to make your remote interactions with coworkers and clients seamless. In addition, members have use of photography equipment (backdrops, lighting, rigs, etc.), projectors and audio equipment.
  1. Business development, marketing and networking:
  • Free event space: All full-time members get one hour of free event space use per month and it can be used however you would like! Once a month you could host an educational session for perspective clients or save them up and throw one heck of a party. Need access to large meeting spaces more often? Members receive deep discounts on rentals of all the medium and large event facilities!
  • Free opportunities to share your own expertise: Members are encouraged to hold Lunch and Learns for free which are attended by other members AND many local professionals. We also help promote your event. This is a great way to show yourself as an expert in your field!

This list is certainly not an exhaustive list. Flexibility is the name of the game and everyone here has their own needs that we love to meet. We suburban folks are a whole different animal than our younger counterparts in the big city …. and we like it that way!

Want to check it out? Give us a call at 803-548-5666 to schedule a tour and a chat. Get a free trail day to come try out coworking alongside other suburban professionals.