Can’t run your confidential business from a Coworking Community? Think again!

We often have visitors who think they can’t run their business or work on a startup in a shared workspace because of confidentiality concerns. In reality, there is no better place to do it! Consider this:

  • Everyone comes here to pursue their own dreams and needs … to be productive at their own business.
  • Within a collaborative business community, we understand that when one of us succeeds, we all succeed! Being surrounded by a diverse group (rather than an office full of coworkers vying for the same promotion) breeds authenticity and a supportive network.
  • Having a variety of professionals readily available means you always have someone (other than your dog or spouse) to bounce ideas off of and you can constantly have a finger on what is going on in many markets!
  • Lastly, all members sign a member agreement that has confidentiality clauses.

We also hear people say this a lot … “I am on conference calls frequently and I don’t want to bother anyone”. Pish-Posh! (as my grandmother used to say). Why do you think people turn on the TV or the radio when they are working? Silence is deafening and the hum of conversations throughout the space adds energy and is motivating. While we pay attention to “cell phone etiquette”, most community members do all their work, including conference calls, out in the open collaborative areas of the building.

phone-booth-progressWhatever your desire, we have multiple things in place to ensure you have the levels confidentiality that you need including:
– 2 conference rooms (both insulated), with one serving as a podcast studio
– 2 phone booths for private calls (currently being constructed from reclaimed doors!)
– 2 tucked away area, open but away from the more collaborative zones
– 2 outdoor areas with seating, power and wi-fi
– separate member and guest high speed wi-fi with firewalls
– a members only Slack channel for forum style and direct messaging communication
– secure member lockers available for those needing storage of equipment, documents, etc.

So, instead of camping out in a coffee shop with no control over who is listening or looking over your shoulder, visit a coworking community and see how it can make you more productive and successful! … At LOOM, first day is always free!

Have more questions about how it all works? Check out our FAQ or come by to see it yourself