LOOM Coworking is a multi-functional facility in the heart of historic downtown Fort Mill that provides collaborative coworking spaces for mobile and remote workers, learning and networking opportunities for the greater community, and a variety of meeting and special event spaces to benefit your business or group. We are here to provide a positive, flexible, risk-free, economical, and supportive alternative for those who need a professional home. We work to provide relief from the isolation of being an independent worker, without the overhead of leasing an office or meeting space! 

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    Emily Brown Law is graduating!

    January 1, 2020, Emily Brown walked into LOOM Coworking ready to start her own firm. Since then, she has become a valued member of our community, an important part of our local business ecosystem, and a great friend.
    She is now ready for her very own facility and, although we hate to see her go, we are so excited for her new adventure!
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