We are incredibly proud of all of our LOOM Coworking members and love seeing their growth, personally and professionally. Learn more about Al Wooster.

Who is Al Wooster? I grew up on a 500 acre apple and cherry farm on the shore of Lake Ontario, NY. After double-majoring in Biology and Music at St. Lawrence University, I worked as an officer and project manager in the IT Department of The Travelers for 17 years. I first fell in love with the world of personal finance in 1990 and became a Certified Financial Planner in 1992. 

What is your company and who are your customers? This was the beginning of what became Wooster Corthell Wealth Management, Inc., a financial planning and investment firm with nearly a half-billion dollars under management based in Glastonbury, CT. From the very beginning, we operated as a fee-only Registered Investment Advisory firm, which simply means we never worked on a commission basis. Our clients were families, small businesses and non-profit organizations.

After 25 years in the business and with a great infrastructure of people surrounding me, we developed a formal 5-year succession plan to transfer operation of the company to my three partners. I retired this past October, giving up my role as Chairman and CEO while retaining half-ownership of the firm.

Other than your work, what are you most passionate about? My wife and I have done many community-oriented activities. At one point, I served on the Boards of seven different non-profit organizations and was an officer of five of them. My best friend serves on the Reno Philharmonic Board of Directors. He has tapped me as an ad hoc advisor on the development of a potential $100 million Performing Arts Center.

How did you hear about Fort Mill? I used to visit clients in 27 states throughout the year. One year I met with a client at Sun City Carolina Lakes and fell in love with the over-55 retirement lifestyle. In 2018 my wife, Marianna and I jumped at the chance to own a home in such a great location. We have become active members of the Anne Close Springs Hiking Club, the New England Club, the Village L Brew Crew, the Service Club, Daytrippers and several other activities available to us at Carolina Orchards. I especially like being a member of ROMEOs: Retired Old Men Eating Out Sometimes.

How do you feel you have benefitted or grown at LOOM? LOOM is a wonderful place to develop friendships with other professionals while I work on creating storylines for two podcasts and potentially two books bouncing around in my brain. Jen and Laurie are wonderful and I’ve met several very interesting people here. Volunteering for the Bulldog Handshake was especially fun.