More …. Convincing your boss to pay for coworking

Here are a few really good articles about employee sponsored coworking for remote employees and below we put together some points from these and others that sum up everything. 


Why Coworking for Remote Employees?

loom coworkingIn just 7 months, there has been worrying research related to the following, all of which can be improved by coworking:

  • degradation of mental health
  • physical health problems over insufficient workstations and space
  • a lack of boundary between work and life leading to stress and burnout
  • erosion of company culture

Coworking helps remote employees:

  • avoid the distractions of working from your home or a coffee shop
  • always have a reliable internet connection
  • be more productive overall
  • have a professional place to attend video conferences and video calls with clients
  • Have happy and healthy employees who outperform office workers

Coworking helps employers:

  • The Co-Work Space Report by HDFC Realty (PDF) states that businesses realize as much as 25-30% cost savings by using co-work spaces compared to traditional offices.


  • Many people are still working from the kitchen table, and can’t focus on their work due to home distractions, children and pets. It is unfair to expect employees to continue working from home under these conditions, and far more constructive — both for the company and its employees — to offer a work near home option rather than enforcing home-based work.
  • The option to work near home in a regional coworking space provides a more positive and productive experience.
  • Workspaces in rural or suburban areas are typically more affordable than city center and CBD locations, which promotes cost-cutting by enabling the company to reduce traditional real estate and distribute teams across regional spaces.    (WE ARE 40% LESS EXPENSIVE THAN WEWORK!)
  • Employers can offer a comfortable, ergonomic workplace with everything their workforce needs to work productively: including, perhaps most importantly, human interaction.