Our first Gallery@LOOM call for entries

Gallery@LOOM will have its first show on display in June and July!

Residents of York County and beyond are welcome to submit … all ages and skill levels! … professionals and novices!

Subject matter:
 Textures of Fort Mill close proximity photographs of the structures, surfaces and
materials that make up our community. Photos must be taken within the greater downtown area as
shown on the map  and artists should document where photographs are taken.PID map

  • Individuals may submit up to 5 entries each; Unselected pieces can be returned
  • Format: 8×10 photographic print (B&W/color, film/digital, manipulated/original format)
  • All entries must be unframed; mounted neatly on white foam core
  • All entries must include (printed and adhered neatly to the back) the applicant’s name, email, phone, age (for students), photo location or identifier. Additional info about applicant’s interests or profession is welcome!

Submission deadline:  Entries must be dropped off to 118 Academy St, Fort Mill during the hours of 9am-3pm, Mon 5/9/16 through Wed 5/11/16.

DSC_0162DSC_0146DSC_0117The Concept:
When we think about a community, images of buildings, parks, and large venues typically come to mind. What is often forgotten is that, for most people, our understanding and our connection to our environment is affected mostly by the materials and textures in our immediate proximity.  The surfaces and textures that we come in contact with on a daily basis create a mosaic which constructs our world. Texture plays a fundamental role in how people perceive the beauty and importance of the products they use on a daily basis, the rooms and buildings they inhabit, and the community in which they live.


Our goal for embarking on this exhibit is to document many of the textures that make up the
framework in which we live and work, Fort Mill. Some of these occur naturally, some are utilitarian in nature, some are purely decorative, and some are a product of the inhabitants themselves. Whatever the case, they stitch together to blanket our immediate environment with visual and tactile experiences from which we create emotional connections and associations.

DSC_0156The American Heritage Dictionary defines texture as a “distinctive or identifying quality or character”. The visual sense of history, tradition, creativity, advancement, civic-mindedness and family are created in Fort Mill, not by successful corporate branding, but by an unintentional conglomeration of the buildings, landscape, and textures that make up our surroundings. Texture provides us with indications about the strength of items in our environment, about the safety of a surface, and about the identification of materials. Through this gallery exhibit at our new space in downtown Fort Mill, we would like to get a deeper understanding of how the Fort Mill community views, associates, and values the materials and textures of our community.


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