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York County is booming with courageous, caring and interesting people who have said goodbye to the 40 hour (or 60 hour) work week for a more family friendly existence, allowing us to work to live not live to work. Many of us have gone rouge and followed our passions to start businesses and explore alternative opportunities but crave the collaboration and creativity that spawns from having a work family. Especially for those of us who thrive on the inspiration and energy of others, working alone can really drain you and cause you to become stagnant.
Consider these questions …

  • Do you love the autonomy of dictating your work and your clients but sometimes find you don’t have all the answers?
  • Are you interested in finding out how other local small business owners, contract and flexible workers maintain their productivity considering the distractions of home life … or the crowds at Starbucks?
  • Do you love the flexibility of working at home but desire the serendipitous connections and social opportunities created in the office?
  • Are you shocked when you find out that your next door neighbor is just the type of professional you needed … last week?
  • Do you miss out on a lot of structured and unstructured learning and networking opportunities and find it difficult to stay current with industry and technological advances because you are not in a traditional work environment?
  • Do you want to connect with like-minded potential collaborators but find the pre-programed local networking events intimidating and inorganic?… or the social media networks too drama filled?

visitor postLOOM’s social media outlets are meant to be vehicles to find men and women with allied talents, share expertise and helpful articles and podcasts, and to facilitate productive “water cooler” conversations.  In Fort Mill, Tega Cay and all of York County, we support our neighbors, attend our kid’s events, love being social, and cherish the commonalities and diversity within our communities … let’s use this forum to support each other just as much in our work endeavors.   (thank you Ben Ullman for your great posts!)

Think of LOOM (on facebook, twitter, and linkedin) first when you find helpful articles, podcasts, apps or sites that help you with your own work. Tag us in your posts of inspiring and helpful content. Check in often to see what members have shared and throw out questions to the group about your business quandaries or even about potential coffee dates!

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twitter shoutoutThese are places to share our interests, talents, pertinent events, and work/life related resources and questions.  We welcome all positive and helpful content meant to empower, encourage and uplift our neighbors towards success and fulfillment in their work and endeavors.