At LOOM Coworking, we are focused on more than just providing desk space, lots of outlets and amazing wi-fi. Our goal has always been to create a collaborative, innovative, and inspiring community that has the flexibility for all types of workers. 

So how is being a member of the only locally owned, suburban coworking community in the area different from the “big box” coworking businesses? 

  • You are working with others who likely go to your church, live in your neighborhood and know your family
  • Our community managers are plugged with local professionals and organizations, providing relevant and helpful resources and connections
  • We have the autonomy to customize membership plans, workspaces and room use to the ever-changing needs of individual members, couples and corporate teams
  • Knowing that not all professionals make their living at a desk, we have a variety of teaching, counseling, creative and training spaces
  • Being centrally located in historic downtown Fort Mill gives the advantages of office life without the long commute, parking fees, etc. It is also wonderful being just steps away from locally owned restaurants we love to support
  • Unlike other coworking spaces, daily use of our many private meeting rooms and access to our podcasting studio are included in membership
  • Also serving as a fine arts gallery, all of our spaces are filled with bright and inspiring original artwork from internationally shown, up-and-coming and student artists
  • We understand how important it is to take care of your physical and mental health in order to keep succeeding. We only have the most ergonomic and productivity supporting furniture for our members

The types of people who use our coworking spaces include remote workers and teams, entrepreneurs, freelancers, non-profits and service professionals! Members can select a more collaborative style of work, to stay to themselves, or to have a mix of both. Anyone can find a workspace that works for them when coworking out of LOOM.

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