Spaces and Amenities

  • Flexible and dedicated zones which give choices for collaboration or heads-down time.
  • Award winning, ergonomic and contemporary furnishings.
  • Open Kitchen/Bar/Break space with free coffee and tea; Healthy snacks available
  • Meeting rooms free for full-time and part-time members; available for rent
  • Podcast studio free for members; available for rent
  • Personal storage space options available for full-time members
  • Art gallery highlighting local and student artists
  • Event space for community, educational and arts events (member discounts and time included for full time members)
  • Display space on member wall with company logos and social media posts to promote networking
  • Free parking and adjacency to Main Street
  • Shower and proximity to the town’s outdoor amenities
  • Outdoor space for work, meeting and recreation
  • Large, flexible, adjacent work and event space with extended hours for team meetings, more collaborative, product demos, creative endeavors, etc.
  • Team “war rooms” for team meetings, training and events; available for rent



  • Reliable and secure Zipstream 1G internet access
  • Video conferencing equipment and spaces
  • Free AV equipment for checkout
  • Free networked printer/copier/scanner
  • Online, in-houses networking platform

Services and Other Perks

    • Reputable business address available with a virtual membership
    • Intern/Mentor matching service with local higher ed institutions and FMSD
    • Facilitating help from York County small business development entities
    • Continuing education opportunities based on member interests
    • In-house and out-reaching networking events
    • Discounts at downtown restaurants and retailers
    • Group philanthropic opportunities and community support
    • Opportunities for inspiration, collaboration, and expert advice

Community, collaboration and coffee make it work!

We work to highlight the companies in our community, to encourage referrals, and to support local business partners!

Excerpts from our member manual describe a bit about the culture and more about the amenities you can expect at LOOM.