Bre Crowell – Local Creative Spotlight

At LOOM, we are committed to supporting entrepreneurs, academics, artists and students throughout York County and beyond! Today we are highlighting one of our featured artists in the main Gallery@LOOM, Bre Crowell. See what tips (and awesome art) she has to offer!

Our featured artist, Bre Crowell is a native of South Carolina and a graduate of UNC Chapel Hill, receiving her degree in Studio Art. After a career in sales, mostly in textiles and paper industries, a career in art blossomed later in life after some refresher courses at Queens University studying pastels under instructor Melanie Longshore. A highlight for Bre in those early years was becoming a founding member of the Piedmont Pastel Society and enjoying the fellowship of many talented artists.

Today, Bre’s daily studio methodologies and practices could best be described as the Flight Method. During the early months of the Covid-19 shutdown she began crafting a series of small paintings.  Each series , or flight, shared commonalities in color, medium, and size.  Each individual painting explored slightly different characteristics but took on the same theme. Just like a delightful flight of wine, the paintings were notably similar, but also featured slightly different tastes.  Each one could stand on its own or be part of an interesting grouping. With so many flights, Bre allows herself to make a huge mess with many flops!  In that case, there is always another flight, another day to redeem oneself.  “I have plenty of paper and canvas and plan to use it all!” says Crowell.

When asked what type of influence she wishes to have on those who view her work, she responded to say that it’s OK NOT to understand non-representative art. “It’s part of that not knowing that creates interest and mystery.  I hope that someone would connect to my work on any level.  Questions are always good!  If someone cares enough to ponder and linger over your work, that’s a success!”

Bre is most passionate about her affiliation with a small abstract critique group called Abstract Fabulousa group of seven artists who meet every month at each other’s home for an afternoon of art, food, and wine.  “We all share a common love of abstract art , and art of any kind. The members are from many different regions of the country, who have all made their marks in their respective careers. The collective experience of the group is invaluable!” The group, Abstract Fabulous exhibit together throughout the Carolinas.  When asked what is the best piece of advise she has ever received, she replied, “Enjoy where you are in your career; enjoy each stage as it unfolds.”


Abstract Fabulous will be hosting their summer reception, Summer is in Bloom at LOOM on Wednesday, May 4th from 6-9 pm at the Gallery@LOOM (LOOM Coworking, Gallery and Event Space) in Fort Mill.  The event is free and open to the public.