Physical Address vs PO Box (and why a LOOM Virtual Membership is a great idea!)

We hear new businesses stress out all the time about their need to get themselves “on the map”, make a good impression to perspective clients, and get help jumping through all the hoops of their professional standing. Check out just some of the reasons why having a local address (rather than a POBox) can help you grow!

  • Pricing for a PO Box varies greatly size and other amenities. Anything larger than a 5”x11” requires larger PO Box sizes, which in Fort Mill, range from $338 to $496 per year. Regus has a flat fee, but it is $37-$84 a month. LOOM offers one flat rate of $240/year for the basic Tier 1 membership.
  • Google requires the business at least have the ability to work from the physical location. This is why, with the Tier 2 membership, we provide 2 day passes per month that can be used as needed.
  • Google business also doesn’t consider a PO Box an accurate physical location and therefor will not list your business as a result. This limits your search engine optimization. Tier 2 members can take advantage of this marketing benefit.
  • 7 Easy Strategies to Optimize Your Google My BusinessALL virtual members also are given an individual suite number.
  • USPS will not accept packages sent via private delivery services such as FedEx or UPS or hand delivered documents or packages. Without your written permission, the post office also will not sign for packages.
  • Most USPS locations will not accept oversized packages. With a virtual membership at LOOM, there is no limit to the package size (if it can fit through the door and be picked up the same day). We can accept the types of packages that any standard, non-shipping or manufacturing business would have.
  • Many industries require a physical address for licensure and certification purposes and will not accept the use of PO Boxes. These organizations are even invited to visit our facility to verify your address.
  • Many businesses located in Charlotte want a presence in the Fort Mill markets. In order to incorporate in South Carolina and acquire a license, a business must name a local “Registered Agent”. A PO Box address is not accepted. A proprietor at a coworking facility offering mailbox services can be made a registered agent, therefor opening another business market to the growing business.
  • We can offer you additional services (with notice) such as notarization, copy/print services, outgoing mail services, digital mail, and discounts on meeting room rentals.
  • Without an additional cost, the only way to determine whether mail has been delivered to most PO Boxes is by visiting the location and checking the box. On the other hand, ALL virtual mailboxes at LOOM allow customers to call in to check their mail, eliminating the need for wasted trips. Even better, at LOOM, when anything that appears official or packages are delivered, we send a picture of the item to your phone, so you know what has been delivered and if you need to retrieve it quickly.
  • Most strikingly, small business owners prefer the professional image provided by having a street address. Using a PO Box as a business address doesn’t represent you as a serious business or that you have the option to meet with clients in a professional, productive space. Our LOOM’s virtual membership allows you access to private meeting rooms and many collaborative coworking lounges.

A testimony from a Virtual Member:

When we started our company back in Indianapolis in 2008, I was a mobile exclusively. People enjoyed the convenience of calling me to their houses or business headquarters. It saved me money on overhead too, and I was able to pass those savings on to clients by paying them more.

Since then, Google has changed a lot. Now they focus on local solutions to their users’ queries. Furthermore, a physical presence (business location) adds credibility in Google’s opinion. Google’s whole goal is improved user experience, so they look for certain signals before recommending a website or business, and they prioritize it relative to competing websites and businesses. Two of those signals are: 1) local (when relevant), and 2) physical presence. Sites like Yelp amplify the importance for these same things; they won’t even list you without a real address.

Additionally, one of South Carolina’s requirements for my business is that I have a physical presence. Before they issue a Permit, I must show proof of having a physical business location. So even if I wanted to sacrifice some Google juice and stay completely mobile, I can’t. At first, I was a little concerned about that. My worry was whether I could still pay more than my competitors if I had to pay high rent too. Fortunately, LOOM answered my need in a perfect way.

With a LOOM membership, I can meet the SC State requirements for a negligible cost. So I can still focus on great rates, in addition to excellent service. The added benefit is that LOOM offers me an office as needed, when a client prefers to meet in an office setting. A post office box doesn’t offer me any real solutions.


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