We are incredibly proud of all of our LOOM members and love seeing all of their growth, personally and professionally. Emily Brown, who owns Emily Brown Law LLC, started with us in January and her growth and involvement in our community has been an incredible blessing. 

Get to know Emily so you can admire her just as much as we do!

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LOOM Coworking Member Spotlight – Kimberly Trimberger

Meet Kimberly Trimberger, Independent Sales Director with Mary Kay

We are proud of our members and how much they have grown, personally and professionally. Unlike many coworking facilities, we consider ourselves a community and love getting to know them, their goals and their passions ….. we think you will too!

Kimberly is a Community Partner at LOOM. She and her team hold their weekly meetings here, monthly makeover events, and she meets her clients here for individual consultations.

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